Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Is Trump going to be the Corbyn of the USA? Differences: Corbyn has become the leader of the Labour party, and the two people are as chalk to cheese, I would hope neither ever lead a nation but I would choose Corbyn over Trump any day. We need quality leadership from the USA, the world has always done well when that has been the case. Obama has done many things for the good, health care being one, he has not been forceful enough on the world stage but that does not mean Mr Trump would be a better option. Then you really would have an insane race war as IS seeks. Did anyone see Simon Sebag Montefiore on Spain last night on BBC4? A beautifully crafted documentary (1 of 3). Not difficult to discover how Islam flourished with all its outstanding skills (Cordoba made London look like a pigsty) by its military skills. So different from a religion which must refer itself back to the life and death of a failed carpenter who is God. That is the offence of Christianity, it is a religion breaking all religion's rules. What Trump utterly fails to understand is that whilst he might, if he tried be able to ask some sensible theological questions, to take the brutish tack he has of labelling and judging by the million is to lower himself into the cesspit all tyrrants of whatever religion do. In Moorish Spain, horrible sexual practice and power gaming at the top was the norm. A concubine (a sex slave) was valuable because they brought no dynastic baggage. They were a nothing who could be made a something for as long as Master wanted. That ethos was wrong a 1,000 years ago condemned by what Jesus knew. It is wrong today for the same reason.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Music favourites, quick checklist

Music Favourites Quick Checklist

This went to Facebook on

The creeds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNiCsTDAU70

Jerusalem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKaJ4b0XYmI&list=RDbKaJ4b0XYmI    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmeQ_M7fPMw

I vow to thee my county https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgZ54CvMlu8&list=RDbKaJ4b0XYmI&index=15

Let all mortal flesh keep silence
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpPm1cxy2B0 words
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-4nuLjkIPk no words

Be thou my vision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQxHvBtR7hs

Mussorgsky Great Gate of Kiev   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8gs4TozJbQ

Mendelssohn : The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) - Overture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3MiETaBSnc Memorably heard on the tannoy of Calmac's Columba wallowing in the swell off Fingal's Cave on a round Mull cruise in 1984.

Moorsoldaten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEDBkK_BthA

Der heimliche Aufmarsch  Hans Eisler  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S0I0J_fXLo

Bella Ciao politically I am for equality of opportunity which does not mean we are all similar, I believe in diverse lives, but not a diversity which cloaks bullying as culture. Fascism, Nazism, Islamisation, they are the same, evil.  My choice for Bella Ciao is an Italian priest singing it in Church. What memories he had? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePP9AHrncjQ

The Socialist ABC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkJwKwk-L2c

Land of the Pennine God by Mike Donald on his North by North East Album, a Settle Carlisle piece and darned difficult to find online. I have the LP.

Spanish Ladies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0P-fD_aaLk Sarah Blasko (into the world of sea shanties, the song of the waters)

Both sides of the Tweed Hogg http://sangstories.webs.com/bothsidesthetweed.htm and sung at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pkCiSQjkDo

The Yew Tree Battlefield Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uri_RpWzq8

Jock o Hazeldean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCHRx_ztCM in some measure because this is a short cut into debating the Border Ballads and Tynedale. Another Auden case of missed locations.

"Wha'll be King but Cherlie?" Silly Wizzard version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTPyvKrU1DM&list=RDYtnPquqI3Bk&index=4 I can enjoy very much music from Irish republicans and Jacobites. I can understand how it works but don't assume I agree. I know which side I would have been on in the 1715, and 1745. And I know which way my vote, if I had one, would have gone in 1706. I am a British Unionist.

Related "names"  Hey, Johnnie Cope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qEKGMQLaKs by Ewan MacColl

and Bonnie Dundee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnOIrH-82Qc

Parcel of Rogues  Corries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js7x3u2GHYs

St Laurence O'Toole  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvnImGFJOeY   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorc%C3%A1n_Ua_Tuathail

Dark Iniseoghain     Deanta (more or less anything from them) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK7TG9Fpsi4

The Old Ways Loreena McKennitt (most of what she does although I do hold it against it her that she has never played in the Anglo-Scottish Borders). Note this song refers to Clare, a mix that is sacred to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SG6ZITbWpU&list=PLR6d4wNl92S7l-QLaSytp87kYOT2AfVKi

Dante's Prayer by Loreena has to be listed  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDw3CyOmj20

Bonny Portmore by Loreena we love TREES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hleg0nrh4x8 discussion https://www.facebook.com/robert.forsythe.39/posts/869710093102747?pnref=story

Hot asphalt a Joe Plunkett song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjVwi-kxLFI  this one is done by the Dubliners

Johnny Jump Up Gaelic Storm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u56R_qHTLVI

The Shoals of Herring Ewan MacColl version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ov81aogaxg which directly links Great Yarmouth and Shields and thereby the two rivers so much of life has revolved around. I will always attend to songs of the sea. Also Come all you gallant fishermen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg5odIT-bew  "Norfolk Boys and Lads from Peterheid, Buckie Chiels and Men from Shields". These were Britons.

Heart of the Ocean by Gaelic Storm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8bTH_7maBA

Patriot Game (actually anti war, anti the IRA and nationalism) Dubliners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpOOy7voiZI

Goodbye Saigon Billy Joel  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YoXd_FSdkw

Goodbye Saigon Wil Ferrell http://www.joblo.com/videos/horror-movies/goodnightsaigon

Holding out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA48rDXh1_4

Casino Royale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBLeACT_KBQ


In praise of limestone   Auden  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSEABp9kyds  (the version with the dildo!)

There is an amount of Auden out there to listen to but not Amor Loci or New Year Letter though bits are in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04k9mzl which is thoroughly Pennine biased.

The Grand Inquistor, Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Gielgud's monologue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om6HcUUa8DI

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Nasty Party

I love enthusiasts, passionate people but I hate nastiness. For quite some time the Nasty Party has been a phrase. People have used it on my timeline. The Nasty Party is cross party. Yesterday a wheelchair using Independent newspaper reporter was viilified by the crowd at GMEX. Other neutrals were affected. The protests outside GMEX do not impress me, if they have a good case, they do not need nastiness, nor egg throwing. There is a lobby that use Facebook thinking they can call either for a new election now, or Scottish independence quick time. All of which is a refusal to accept democracy. It is fair to say some Tory politicians are out of touch, many might say the Corbynites are too (and will be disappointed as their leader does a Tsipras). Teresa May apparently spent £1,400 on her conference dress complete with gold zip. Totally out of touch and her speech whilst right to worry about the scale of immigration and the challenge of cohesiveness was wrong on the matter of economic effect and since it attracted the ire of the Institute of Directors who called it irresponsible, not serious politics beyond her pitching for leadership. So I don't like Mrs May but it is not about nastiness, it is about reasonable debate. In her audience were immigrants and the children of immigrants. Two Tory MPs in my consciousness refer to that heritage Boris Johnson and Guy Opperman. Wrapping up, honestly, if being nasty gives you a hit, if you think this party or that is The Nasty Party, quietly remove yourself from my Facebook friend list. http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/this-is-everyone-whos-been-called-tory-scum-at-the-conservative-party-conference--bJOodGsNvl
(from my Facebook timeline)

Monday, 28 September 2015

Low life (not the Low Light at North Shields)

At one point in the weekend's three church services (ordination and retirement, of a Baptist minister and an Anglican Cathedral Dean) and two church meals there was some consideration of Jesus being with the low life, tax collectors and prostitutes. It is to me a key question: I believe we are called to turn from sin, to turn from belittling others. But we might rapidly think that means no to tax collection and prostitution. Yet tax collectors are essential. One of my FB friends who I have actually met several times lobbies for sex worker rights and protection. Perhaps I am more low life than high life anyway and glad of it. I can be happy at the end of a railway platform. One person I follow on Twitter is Frejadottir. What would Jesus say if he encountered her? Would it be no big deal, lets chat, what you wear is none of my business? Would he be concerned lest the children were upset (think children's comics)? Could he be critical by simply saying this is an extreme end of fashion, personal vanity? Or might he think (as I tend) that dressing this way is a form of art with your body? We can be sure Jesus never met a rubberbeing, he did however meet with a lady of the street who shocked those around by covering him in Oil. https://twitter.com/Frejadottir/status/641691573533691905 and http://biblehub.com/luke/7-37.htm .

And if you follow the Bible link you will see that the different treatments of the event quickly take you to the challenges of the Historical Jesus. Yet the story is so extra-ordinary, so counter intuitive that I personally believe it. Some event like this happened. Focus as well on "belittling". Does that not actually go a long way. Were'nt the Hadj pilgrims belittled in the care shown for their safety? There is no doubt a proportion of pornography belittles but the religious person may judge that more belittles than actually happens. If you are brought into the country and forced to be a prostitute you have been belittled. But if you freely choose that path, is there any belittling going on?

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Christianity

I will point out how simple my Christianity is. Relationship is central, that's about the Trinity. God is on the receiving end of everything, that's Incarnation and crucifixion. Love is the parent of justice, not the other way around. The exercise of power is about service and stewardship. I believe those four key thoughts could answer many of the challenges of the modern world.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn

Today it is very likely Jeremy Corbyn will become the new leader of the Labour Party. Listening in the last 30 minutes on R4 whilst I will wish him well, I remain uneasy. Simply because, and we shall see whether he distances himself from this, it looked as if it was being presented as a victory for the Working Class. Maybe it is that but to believe that is a basis for winning the country is so divisive. I am simply not interested in arguing whether I am Working Class, and for Fiona the same goes, although her railway worker parentage is impeccable. There is every difference between leading a group who think blue collar unionised workers are the most important bloc in society to whom all others are answerable and against that running your politics on the basis of appealing to EVERYONE concerned that we live in a land of equal opportunity, where the sick and vulnerable are properly cared for, which has decent public services, which works hard to eliminate poverty and is a serious player in world leadership. To do all of the last requires wealth and there should be no tension in not being a blue collar worker and in being able to support the Labour Party. And raw numbers will play out in any event, presumably the Corbynites will not know what to do with the self-employed? They (including both of us) who are 15% I believe of the workforce and growing and who if the Labour Party are ever to hold power again, they will have to persuade. And none of this even mentions the mountain facing Labour called the SNP.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Syria: Cameron will announce new moves. Broadly they make sense to me. BUT he is now on the defensive, forced to react. No leadership this summer. The sense a government has woken up from a holiday break. Along the line of travel, random reactions. Germany makes its "outstanding" offer, word spreads like wildfire. Does Germany send coaches to Hungary and says "load em up"? No, it leaves the individuals fumbling around on the concourse of Keleti station. A bit further back, people argue (on my wall) about whose fault it is. Western responsbiility for Syria's crisis is limited. Syrians are entitled to live in a decent country which at heart it is, with access to democracy which many want. But Syrians have to carry that responsibility first and foremost. Strong men leaderships create these chaotic states.

I think the West should refuse to take the blame for the ISIS phenomenon; that is rooted in its own culture (with some crass decisions on the fringes by the West). The one massive wrong decision lying in the frame was what happened in 1948 in Israel, that was the derailer.

But the blame game is not productive except insofar as it drives what happens now. Refugees/migrants in Europe will have to be dealt with: since Germany has made the offer, that country should send out the coaches and pick up (not leave people to struggle to get to). But the absolute effort - a massive one - needs to be to stop the traffickers. What happened to the Libyan trafficker destruction plan? 

Refuge should be offered to people directly in the Lebanon/ Turkey/Jordan camps. Partly to help those countries, partly to stop trafficking, UNHCR has just called for 200,000 to be accepted. That is not Germany's 800,000.

And OVERIDING all that reaction has to be pro-action. What was needed months ago. People in Syria need hope they can get home. A huge effort will be needed, safe havens within Syria, and probably a UN mandate to take the country by force from the terrorists (who include Assad).

And why should this be done? Not because it is our fault. But because first and foremost, if all along Europe's southern border is a line of chaos, Europe will be destabilised. All along that border should be peaceful trading partners, rich countries at peace within themselves. The Romans managed it! And if they are not, their chaos will mean this summer will be the new norm in the heart of Europe.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My views on Demon Internet

 What I think of @Namesco @VodafoneUK and Demon Internet whose Twitter feed is defunct I think.

"Since Demon has ejected its customers, I have been caused no end of problems. What are YOU going to do to ensure that my webpage eg http://www.forsythe.demon.co.uk/clare.htm is SHUT? I cannot edit it, I don't want anything to do with Demon or Namesco after all the trouble you have caused. And I cannot even get a website showing wholly erroneous information deleted. I have made a lot of phone and email requests to Namesco, told it would be taken down, and it is live. Photos of my child are on the internet without my permission. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER and is causing a lot of distress. You must know how in the UK to show children on the internet without permission is a very serious issue. I insist something is done about this very soon and that I receive a full apology. A customer of Demon since 1996 I cannot comprehend the incredibly bad service we have been given in 2015". 

Robert Forsythe

NOTHING ELSE HAD WORKED: Within a few hours of this and some tweeting, I got an apology from Namesco and the site was finally removed 40 days after I had lost control of it.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


My daughter is playing Billy Elliot the stage show on DVD. They are singing Solidarity and what with the Neo Con Budget in the offing that got me to think about...................Greece. I am sure most Brits think Tsipras is barking, I tend to. But it is worth trying to work out how he sees it. There was some chat about a legal challenge because no-one can be thrown out of the Euro. Tsipras might be technically right on that, no mechanism for exit was ever built in. I think Tsipras' game is this: I argue for a No vote on Sunday, I win and I have the mandate to stare all the other Euro leaders in the face and say "Solidarity". You in Europe are as much to blame as we the Greeks are, you should never have let us join, nor lent us all the money. You must shoulder some blame so you must arrange some serious debt relief because we ain't ever paying. And who thinks they ever can?  The problem for Tsipras is that the Greeks might vote Yes and presumably he is out of  a job. I am sure the other EU leaders are banking on this. Or the vote might be close. Only with a landslide No can Tsipras' plan possibly work. Enabling him to stare at the EU leaders and order them to bail Greece out or eject Greece with much grinding.  The problem with all this is that conventionally a group of very large lenders faced by a rather small barking dog of a debtor seeking to round them up tend to be able to squash the debtor.  It does seem to me (and mightly relieved I am to be in the UK) that this week Europe really is in a tight spot. You would think Greece could be dismissed to let everyone carry on. But dismissed into bankruptcy and with nothing like the financial acumen of the Icelanders, Greece will become a failed state en route to Syria or from..................  It is easy to find some humour, it really is a Greek farce but even from the relative isolation of the Tyne Valley, I think the events in Greece and Tunisia this week really are PROFOUNDLY disturbing. The Europe that really should be a beacon to so many nations is looking rather battered.

Do I have any answers? Solidarity is a profoundly Christian notion so perhaps Europe should amortise all its debts across the whole Continent? And for ISIS I can only return to the Western European Enlightenment and to the older doctrine that is the Christian Trinity, itself founded upon experiencing a God who suffers and allows Himself to be put to death. If Western Europeans and all peoples of Goodwill would once again reflect deeply upon the absolutely non violent life of Christ, there may yet be the mechanism to confront this mindless death cult. Tsipras I may disagree with but I can understand him. With ISIS sending out cocaine fuelled killers to prey on elderly sun worshippers, I have absolutely no understanding or comprehension of. Cameron's "existential" struggle is right although I guess we as a nation are still a long way from perceiving what that means.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Prudhoe's Parking Woes do have a Solution.

The Hexham Courant on Friday 12th June 2015 ran two stories on opposite pages. Allendale adopts its Neighbourhood Development Plan. Prudhoe has no current project to create one. The second story quoting several Prudhoe Councillors developed the parking challenges which are clearly the subject of some energised discussion in the town. Attention was given to the challenges at Highfield School. This has prompted me to write an open letter to the Mayor which I will clip in below. It must be obvious to everyone that with the depth of feeling being reported that doing NOTHING about Prudhoe's parking issues is not sustainable. But so much of this comes back to the need for Prudhoe to develop its own plan and for subjects like Transport which used to be a topic for a Prudhoe Community Partnership working group to be given more attention. The letter follows:

Dear Eileen
I am writing to you in your role as the Mayor of Prudhoe to offer some thoughts on your comments published in the Hexham Courant on Friday June 12th about parking in Prudhoe. I will publish this letter on Facebook as Taking Pride in Prudhoe and I will do the same with any reply.

You and other councillors are quite right to be concerned about car parking throughout Prudhoe and especially with schools. The subject could be one that a properly convened Transport Sub Committee of the Town Council could address. It is also one that should be the subject of a Neighbourhood Development Plan. Incidentally on the opposite page in the same Courant a story hails the adoption of Allendale’s one. Will Prudhoe Town Council (bearing in mind the advice of ALL candidates at the General Election Hustings) be moving to create one soon?

With regard to the specific school parking issues, I can think of some solutions.

At Highfield. Two existing public car parks are quite close. The one adjacent to Fair View and the one at Highfields Play Park. It would be possible to yellow line the roads outside the schools and insist no-one drops children or waits to pick them up adjacent to the school.

That is a solution although it will not be completely welcomed. There is another solution. The entire road layout at Highfields is poor. It is my understanding that the County owns the land on the inside of the bend opposite the school entrance? Without changing any existing demarcated boundaries, I would think a relatively minor road improvement scheme could re-arrange the road layout and create a new pick up and drop off point or lane, on the school side of the road. The road would be improved and the school gain some room for parents.

The same problem exists at Castle School. Here in my opinion, the solution which will also address the Eltingham Court access issue is to make parts of Castle Road (perhaps west of the postbox, to be considered in detail) a one way road with access onto the bypass. This would give the room to mark up outside Castle School a proper set down/pick up area. Safety might require a roundabout at Hammerite. Then get on and do that.

Prudhoe is in the midst of expansion which will see the population grow in thousands. These problems are not going to go away, they are only going to increase. Unless schemes of investment are campaigned for and monies found, the situations that have led to the outbursts recorded in the Courant will keep continuing. A similar situation affects the need for a new Tyne Bridge and a road north to Horsley Interchange and another improved route on existing public roads south to the Derwent Valley at Ebchester (out via Moor Road). Unless Prudhoe addresses its own strategic needs and insists they go on the agenda of the County Council, you can anticipate the community tied in knots as illustrated in the Courant and with 400+ more houses at the Hospital site, the need to tackle these planning issues is absolutely pressing.

Yours sincerely

Robert Forsythe

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Silly Wizard

Silly Wizzard, wonderful name. Evocative singers. My link here works on three levels. Their music, the imagery it has been matched too. And the words added which are balanced and matter of fact making the point that Charlie destroyed the traditional Highland way of life. I find it ironic that in both 1745 and 1916, elements in the Kingdom chose moments when the Nation was somewhat engaged elsewhere to stage uprising. Neither achieved their end but visited much suffering onto their regions. All of which moves one to the British constitution which has been and will continue to be in the news. I think I am right to say it is unwritten, there is no British constitution? Britishness is hard to define. Perhaps that is for the best. Law and tradition should be respected but neither should be fixed. Make it up as you go along. That is what our nation does. The Divine Right of Kings was a stupid claim. Britishness is practised not proclaimed. I can never get over how for all the calls to deny our national identity, so many others want a British passport and are risking life and limb to get it. Britishness is not restricted to these islands, it is the stuff of the Commonwealth. It is about good governance, trade, individuals freedoms, fair mindedness and charity. It is founded in the Christian faith no matter how inconvenient that may seem.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Mark One Model Running Numbers

This document will be quite boring to many! And a veritable treasure trove to others. It represents a small aspect of a major research project of mine that has been ongoing for many years. This is the study of the Mark One British Railways Coach in model form. A more or less completed manuscript for this covering ready to run models in 00/TT as well as Kitmaster kits exists. Additional notes covers kits and other gauges and Marks. I would welcome any publisher/patron who came forward wishing to assist publication of this material in book or periodical form (and recognising the research effort involved).

If anyone reading this can point out mistakes, supply details of other running numbers that have been used by Mark One Models in the ranges covered which I appear to have missed, or possibly supply a listing for ranges I have not covered I would be grateful. Special set Mark Ones from Hornby Railways could easily be overlooked.  The ranges you should find are Tri-ang/Tri-ang Hornby/Hornby Railways, Hornby Dublo/Wrenn, Playcraft, Trix/Liliput, Kitmaster, Lima (all scales), Mainline, Dapol, Replica, Bachmann, also Tri-ang and Kitmaster TT, Minitrix N and Graham Farish N, and ACE Trains 0.  On occasion there may be some discrepancy between my records and Ramsay's catalogue. Various explanations are possible, one obvious one is when I choose not to note a blatantly fictitious Lima running number. "Anticipated on the horizon are Heljan's entirely new O gauge range". That was the last time around. There are now plenty of them but they do not carry running numbers and therefore are not here.

The document presents the information in BR running number order and should be self-explanatory. The master original maintained by myself is an Excel table. The upload is as of 1st June 2015 (previous four 1st July 2013, 3rd January 2013 , 3rd October 2011 and 15th March 2010 (to a deceased website)). New Bachmann projects like the mailcars and horseboxes are entered, so are many more Graham Farish N as are numerous others. In 2013 Bachmann sleepers and a new Hornby Railway range arrived . Gaps remain especially with new releases. If you see a gap, tell me. Recently Kernow email newsletters have been a valuble source of running number and model reference information. There are 1244 lines in the table but since some manufacturers have duplicated a choice of running number, there are not quite that number of prototypes covered. Someone might work that figure out and tell me. Because many manufacturers used a running number for several models, the number of models tabulated must be greater still. Over 1000 different ready made BR et. seq. livery Mark Ones out there to spot. Quite a thought and ample testimony to a design classic.

The image is of a Trix GWR liveried BCK. This is one of the more unusual of Mark One Models. It is a complete piece of fiction so it is not in the list above. However our master records endeavour to record all model Mark Ones and one day we hope their account will be told fully. Adding these fictions to the BR models must take the spotting target through to beyond 1200? Trix, Hornby Railways and Lima all created these fictions.

Trix GWR Mark One

For feedback on this table I would thank Pat Hammond and the Ramsay catalogue, Adrian Wintle, Peter Gomm, Damian Moss, Dennis Lovett, Brian Wright and Allen Levy (both of ACE Trains), Chris Patrick, Darryl Judkins, Grenvyle Scott, Tony Burgess, "Redrose64" and Ian Taylor. Bachmann's own list of Bachmann/Farish products as a PDF file is nowadays incredibly useful. I may still have more to go in from that source.

So enjoy a spotter's guide to the model Mark One. Tick off those that you have.

Type Code Running No. Model Maker's Model References

RFO E 1 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO M 1 Bachmann 39-251B

RFO M 1 Graham Farish 374-808

RFO W 1 Graham Farish 374-804A

RFO E 2 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO E 3 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO E 3 Bachmann 39-250 39-251

RFO M 4 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO M 4 Bachmann 39-252

RFO M 5 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO M 5 Bachmann 39-250A

RFO M 6 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO M 6 Bachmann 39-251A 39-252C

RFO M 6 Graham Farish 374-801A

RFO W 7 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO W 7 Bachmann 39-254

RFO W 7 Graham Farish 374-810

RFO W 8 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO W 8 Bachmann 39-252C

RFO W 8 Graham Farish 374-802A

RFO S 9 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO S 9 Bachmann 39-253

RFO S 9 Graham Farish 374-803A 374-809

RFO W 9 Bachmann 39-250B

RFO W 9 Graham Farish 374-811

RFO E 10 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO E 10 Bachmann 39-252A

RFO E 10 Graham Farish 374-807

RFO E 11 Kitmaster 21 (TT) 28

RFO NYK Bachmann 39-253A

BSK Camping 176 Hornby Railways R4606

RKF W 301 Tri-ang  R331? T184 (TT)

RKF 302 ACE C/5

RKF W 307 Tri-ang T84 (TT)

Pullman PFK 311 Eagle   Tri-ang T185 (TT)

Pullman PFK 311 Eagle   Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 311 Eagle   Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK  311 Eagle ACE C/14 Set A

Pullman PFK  311 Eagle Bachmann 39-280

Pullman PFK 311 Eagle   Graham Farish 374-220

Pullman PFK 312 Falcon  Graham Farish 374-220B

Pullman PFK 312 Falcon Tri-ang T185 (TT)

Pullman PFK  312 Falcon ACE C/14 Set C

Pullman PFK  312 Falcon Bachmann 39-280B

Pullman PFK E 313 E (No name) Bachmann 39-281A

Pullman PFK 314 Hawk   Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 314 Hawk   Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK 314 Hawk   Graham Farish 374-220C

Pullman PFK 315 Heron       Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 315 Heron       Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK E 315 E (No name) Bachmann 39-281

Pullman PFK E 315 E (No name) Graham Farish 374-221

Pullman PFK 316 Magpie Bachmann 39-280A

Pullman PFK 316 Magpie Graham Farish 374-220A

Pullman PFK 317 Raven      Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 317 Raven      Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK 318 Robin       Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 318 Robin       Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK 319 Snipe       Tri-ang T185 (TT)

Pullman PFK 319 Snipe       Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 319 Snipe       Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK 323 Wren      Trix  1931 1950

Pullman PFK 323 Wren      Liliput 1278

Pullman PFK E 323 E (No name) Graham Farish 374-221A

Pullman PFP 324 Amber Bachmann 39-290A

Pullman PFP 324 Amber Graham Farish 374-200A

Pullman PFP  325 Amethyst Graham Farish 374-200B

Pullman PFP  325 Amethyst ACE C/14 Set A

Pullman PFP   325 Amethyst Bachmann 39-290B

Pullman PFP  326 Emerald ACE C/14 Set B

Pullman PFP  326 Emerald Bachmann 39-290

Pullman PFP  326 Emerald Graham Farish 374-200

Pullman PFP E 326 E Bachmann 39-291

Pullman PFP E 326 E Graham Farish 374-201

Pullman PFP E 327 E Bachmann 39-291A

Pullman PFP 328 Opal Graham Farish 374-200D

Pullman PFP E 331 E (No name) Bachmann 39-301

Pullman PSK  332 (No name) Bachmann 39-300

Pullman PSK 332 (No name) Graham Farish 374-230

Pullman PSK E 332 E Bachmann 39-301A

Pullman PSK  333 (No name) Bachmann 39-300A

Pullman PSK  333 (No name) Graham Farish 374-230A

Pullman PSK  334 (No name) Graham Farish 374-230B

Pullman PSK  E 334 E Bachmann 39-301

Pullman PSK  E 334 E Graham Farish 374-231

Pullman PSK E 335 E Bachmann 39-300C

Pullman PSK 335 (No name) Graham Farish 374-230C

Pullman PSK  336 (No name) ACE C/14 Set B

Pullman PSK  338 (No name) ACE C/14 Set C

Pullman PSK  338 (No name) Bachmann 39-310A

Pullman PSK 342 (No name)  Trix  1978 1960

Pullman PSK 342 (No name)  Liliput 1279

Pullman PSP 347 (No name)  Bachmann 39-310

Pullman PSP 347 (No name)  Graham Farish 374-210

FO ex Pullman E 347 E (No name) Bachmann 39-001Z

Pullman PSP E 347 E Bachmann 39-311A

Pullman PSP 348 (No name)  Bachmann 39-310A

Pullman PSP 348 (No name)  Graham Farish 374-210A

Pullman PSP 349 (No name)  Graham Farish 374-210B

Pullman PSP 349 (No name)  Bachmann 39-310B

Pullman PSP  349 (No name) ACE C/14 Set A

Pullman PSP  350 (No name) Graham Farish 374-210C

Pullman PSP  351 (No name) Graham Farish 374-210D

Pullman PSP  351 (No name) ACE C/14 Set C

Pullman PSP E 352 E (No name) Bachmann 39-311

Pullman PSP E 352 E (No name) Graham Farish 374-211

FO ex Pullman E 353 E (No name) Bachmann 39-001Z

Pullman PBAR  354 Hadrian Bar ACE C/14 

Pullman PBAR  354 Hadrian Bar Bachmann 39-320 39-320A

Pullman PBAR  354 Hadrian Bar Graham Farish 374-240

Pullman PBAR 354 Nightcap Bar Bachmann 39-321

Pullman PBAR 354 Nightcap Bar Graham Farish 374-241

RSO 1005 Tri-ang  R322?

RSO S 1007   Tri-ang  R229?

RB M 1646 Replica 12106

RB W 1652   Lima 9232 5321

RB 1657 Hornby Railways R4310

RBR 1659 Replica 12102A

RB M 1676 Replica 12106

RB 1701 Playcraft  P455?

RB M 1708   Mainline  37113?

RB M 1709    Mainline  37113

RB M 1709 Dapol  E32

RB 1712 ACE C/13

RB M 1713    Mainline  37114

RB M 1714 Replica 12106

RBR S 1717 Replica 12101

RB S 1717 ACE C/13

RB S 1720   Playcraft  P335?

RB W 1726   Playcraft  P345?

RB W 1728 ACE C/13

RB W 1732 Replica 12104

RB S 1771 Tri-ang T134 (TT)  T89 (TT)

RMB 1801 Tri-ang  R628

RMB 1805 Tri-ang R628  R892  R844  R923  R419 R384 R897

RMB 1807 Tri-ang R424 R384 R897

RMB W 1813 Hornby Railways R4211

RMB W 1813 Graham Farish 374-109

RMB W 1814 Hornby Railways R455

RMB W 1814 Bachmann 39-263

RMB W 1814 Graham Farish 374-101

RMB W 1815 Hornby Railways R4211A

RMB W 1815 Bachmann 39-261A

RMB W 1816 Trix  1913 1946

RMB W 1816 Liliput 1213

RMB W 1816 Hornby Railways R4052

RMB W 1816 Graham Farish 374-101B

RMB M 1817 Hornby Railways R4203

RMB M 1820 Trix  1903 1953 1943 1964 1958 1968

RMB M 1820 Liliput 1203

RMB M 1820 Hornby Railways R4203A

RMB E 1821 Hornby Railways R441

RMB W 1821 Graham Farish 374-101A

RMB M 1821 Graham Farish 374-102C

RMB  W 1822 Graham Farish 753 754

RMB 1823 Wrenn Lima N 313 316 359

RMB 1823 Tri-ang R384 R628  R729 R384 R732

RMB 1825 Tri-ang R424 

RMB M 1825 Graham Farish 751

RMB 1832 Graham Farish 374-103

RMB E 1834 Graham Farish 755

RMB M 1838 Graham Farish 374-110

RMB S 1849 Hornby Railways R4072

RMB S 1849 Graham Farish 753 374-108

RMB W 1849 Hornby Railways R4112

RMB 1850 Hornby Railways R4138A

RMB S 1850 Hornby Railways R4117A R4140

RMB S 1851 Tri-ang R624 R4117C

RMB S 1852 Trix 1923 1949

RMB S 1852 Liliput 1223

RMB S 1852 Hornby Railways R4117

RMB E 1852 Bachmann 39-260

RMB E 1853 Hornby Railways R4067

RMB E 1854 Bachmann 39-261

RMB E 1854 Graham Farish 374-107

RMB S 1857 Hornby Railways R4117B

RMB M 1859 Graham Farish 751

RMB S 1864 Graham Farish 374-100A

RMB M 1864 Graham Farish 374-102B

RBR (Sic) E 1868 Replica 12102

RMB M 1869 Graham Farish 374-104A

RMB E 1871 Bachmann 39-264 39-264

RMB E 1871 Graham Farish 374-102 374-104

RMB S 1873 Graham Farish 753

RMB E 1879 Graham Farish 374-102A

RMB S 1881 Bachmann 39-262

RMB S 1881 Graham Farish 374-100

RU W 1900 Bachmann 39-105 39-105A

RU W 1900 Graham Farish 374-120

RU W 1902 Bachmann 39-102

RU W 1902 Graham Farish 374-117

RU M 1908 Graham Farish 374-122

RU W 1910    Hornby Dublo 4070

RU W 1911 Bachmann 39-102B

RU W 1915 Bachmann 39-103

RU W 1915 Graham Farish 374-116A

RU W 1917 Graham Farish 374-121

RU W 1919 Bachmann 39-102A

RU W 1924 Bachmann 39-103B

RU E 1926 Bachmann 34-801 39-101

RU E 1926 Graham Farish 374-116

RU E 1930 Bachmann 39-101B

RU E 1938 Bachmann 34-800 39-100

RU E 1938 Graham Farish 374-115

RU E 1939     Hornby Dublo  4071

RU Sc 1941 Bachmann 39-101C

RU W 1944 Bachmann 39-103A

RU E 1961 Bachmann 39-101A

RU M 1966 Bachmann 39-100A

RBR IC 1981 Bachmann 39-104 39-100

RBR 1981 Graham Farish 374-118

SLF M 2002 Graham Farish 374-926

SLF M 2003 Hornby Railways R4134A

SLF W 2005 Hornby Railways R4049

SLF M 2008 Hornby Railways R4202

SLF M 2020 Hornby Railways R4202A

SLF E 2054 Graham Farish 374-928

SLF M 2064 Hornby Railways R4134B

SLF W 2104 Hornby Railways R4210

SLF W 2105 Hornby Railways R433

SLF E 2121 Hornby Railways R 4070

SLF W 2127 Hornby Railways R4210A

SLC W 2402 Hornby Dublo  4078

SLSTP 2510 Tri-ang R339  R381     R924 R420 T86 (TT)

SLSTP E 2510 Hornby Railways R461

SLSTP 2511 Tri-ang R381

SLSTP 2512 Tri-ang  R339

SLSTP W 2574 Hornby Railways R4113

SLSTP E 2575 Graham Farish 374-927

SLSTP M 2635 Graham Farish 374-925

FO M 3002 Hornby Dublo 4062

FO M 3024 Replica 12137

FO M 3028 Graham Farish 374-815

FO S 3056 Lima  9235?

FO S 3064 Graham Farish 374-817

FO S 3067 Replica 12131

FO S 3068 ACE C/13

FO  E 3080 Graham Farish 374-819

FO W 3085 Hornby Dublo 4060

FO W 3085 Graham Farish 374-818

FO W 3095 ACE C/13

FO 3099 ACE C/13

FO W 3101 Replica 12134

FO Sc 3102 Replica 12136

FO M 3119 Replica 12135

FO 3114 Replica 12132

FO M 3140 Graham Farish 374-816

SO E 3457 Graham Farish 374-006

SO Sc 3487 Anbrico

SO M 3716 Hornby Dublo 4063

SO M 3737 Bachmann 39-052

SO M 3737 Graham Farish 374-000

SO 3754 ACE C/13

SO IC 3767 C Bachmann 39-000Y

SO M 3788 Bachmann 39-052A?

SO W 3789 Bachmann 39-052F

SO W 3791 Bachmann 39-054

SO W 3796 Hornby Railways R4630

SO W 3821 Graham Farish 374-014

SO S 3824 Graham Farish 374-011

SO S 3825 Bachmann           39-053E

SO S 3840 Bachmann 39-053C 39-050F

SO S 3840 Graham Farish 374-011B

SO E 3850 Bachmann 39-051A

SO E 3850 Graham Farish 374-012B

SO E 3858 Bachmann 39-052D

SO W 3875 Bachmann 39-000R

SO W 3879 Bachmann 39-054C

SO E 3979 Bachmann 39-052B

SO W 3984 Hornby Dublo 4061

SO S 3998 Bachmann 39-053

SO S 4010 Playcraft  P336

SO S 4040 Bachmann 39-053A

SO S 4040 Graham Farish 374-001

SO E 4112 Bachmann 39-050B

SO E 4238 Bachmann 34-751 ? 39-051

SK (sic) Sc 4243 Lima 5444

SO E 4298 Bachmann 39-050C

SK (sic) M 4330 Minitrix 13065

SO E 4357 Bachmann 34-750 39-050

SO M 4371 Bachmann 34-752 39-052

SO M 4372 Playcraft  P456

SO S 4375 ACE C/13

SO S 4375 Bachmann 39-053B

SO M 4414 Bachmann 39-051B

SO IC 4419 C Lima 149441

SO M 4421 Graham Farish 374-000A

SO IC 4435 C Lima 149441 5383

SO M 4482 Hornby Railways R4620

SO M 4483 Hornby Railways R4628

SO E 4526 Hornby Railways R4629

SO E 4542 Hornby Railways R4621

SK (sic) Sc 4610 Lima 5445

SO E 4630 Lima  5329?

SO W 4739 Bachmann 39-054A 39-051G

SO W 4739 Graham Farish 374-002

SO W 4746 Bachmann 39-000W

SO M 4780 Bachmann 39-051D

SO 4873 Bachmann 39-056

SO 4873 Graham Farish 374-005

SO M 4899 Bachmann 39-051C

SO E 4899 Bachmann 39-052C

SO M 4899 Graham Farish 374-003

SO IC 4900 C Lima 149441

SO 4901 Bachmann 39-057A

SO 4909 Bachmann 39-055

SO 4909 Graham Farish 374-004

SO IC 4911 C Bachmann 39-000Z

SO IC 4912 C Bachmann 39-000Z

SO W4912 Bachmann 39-051H

SO W 4917 ACE C/13

SO 4920 Bachmann 39-057

SO M 4929 Bachmann 39-051E

SO M 4979 Lima  5384

SO 4998 Lima 5330

SO E 5001 Bachmann 39-050A

SO 5029 ACE C/5 Set A

CK 7190 Lima 6621

CK 7232 Bachmann 39-130

CK E 7939 Bachmann 39-125A

CK Sc 7997   Lima    5318

BSK Sc 9312 Lima 5446

FK S 13003 ACE C/13

FK S 13003 Graham Farish 374-151A

FK S 13003 Bachmann 39-153C

FK M 13004 Bachmann 39-152

FK M 13004 Graham Farish 374-150

FK 13030 Bachmann 39-151

FK E 13030 Graham Farish 374-153

FK 13030 ACE C/5 Set A

FK M 13060 Graham Farish 374-160

FK M 13062 Graham Farish 374-150A

FK W 13065 ACE C/13 Set A

FK E 13065 Bachmann 39-152D

FK M 13070 Bachmann 39-151B

FK M 13070 Graham Farish 374-153B

FK W 13074 Bachmann 39-154

FK W 13074 Graham Farish 374-152

FK M 13085 Graham Farish 374-164

FK M 13085 Bachmann 39-150C

FK  S 13086 Graham Farish 374-162

FK 13089 ACE C/13

FK E 13107 Bachmann 39-150

FK E 13107 Graham Farish 374-156

FK M 13110 Bachmann 39-152A

FK E 13117 Anbrico

FK W 13127 Bachmann 39-151C

FK W 13127 Graham Farish 374-153C

FK W 13132 Bachmann 39-000R

FK W 13134 Bachmann 39-154C

FK W 13137 Graham Farish 374-152A

FK S 13143 Bachmann 39-153

FK S 13143 Graham Farish 374-151

FK W 13185 Bachmann 39-154A

FK W 13185 Graham Farish 374-163

FK W 13187 Bachmann 31-2000

FK M 13223 Bachmann 39-151A

FK 13225 Bachmann 39-156

FK 13225 Graham Farish 374-155

FK E 13234 Bachmann 39-150A

FK E 13245 Graham Farish 374-153A

FK 13328 Bachmann 39-157

FK E 13333 Graham Farish 374-161

FK E 13333 Bachmann 39-151E

FK M 13341 Bachmann 39-155

FK M 13441 Graham Farish 374-154

CK M 15019 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK  M 15019 Bachmann 39-127

CK  M 15019 Graham Farish 374-250

CK S 15021   Tri-ang  T132 (TT) T87 (TT)

CK S 15021   Playcraft   P337 P4571

CK S 15021 Hornby Railways R4115

CK S 15027 Hornby Railways R4607

CK S 15032 ACE C/13

CK S 15033   Tri-ang  R221

CK S 15034   Tri-ang  R221

CK S 15035 Hornby Railways R4115A

CK S 15042 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK S 15042 Hornby Railways R4007  R4256

CK S 15043 Hornby Railways R2082

CK S 15049 Hornby Railways R4115B

CK M 15050 Hornby Railways R2112

CK M 15050 Bachmann 30-020

CK M 15051 Hornby Railways R2112

CK E 15055 Bachmann 39-127B

CK E 15055 Graham Farish 374-255A

CK W 15059 Hornby Railways R2090

CK W 15059 Graham Farish 374-255B

CK W 15060 Bachmann 39-129C

CK W 15063 Hornby Railways R2364M

CK W 15064 Hornby Railways R2090

CK W 15066 Hornby Railways R4209B

CK W 15066 Bachmann 39-000R

CK S 15072  Tri-ang  R622 R2364M

CK W 15077 Bachmann 39-126D

CK W 15077 Graham Farish 374-257A

CK W 15098 Hornby Railways R4209A

CK W 15100 Hornby Railways R4017 R2031

CK 15100 Playcraft P457

CK 15108 Playcraft P457?

CK W 15110 Graham Farish 374-256

CK W 15111 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK W 15128 Hornby Railways R2432

CK W 15129 Hornby Railways  R2432

CK E 15144 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK E 15145 Bachmann 39-126

CK E 15145 Graham Farish 374-253

CK M 15181 Hornby Railways R2112

CK M 15192 Bachmann 39-127C

CK M 15192 Graham Farish 374-255

CK 15210 Tri-ang  R626  R890   R928

CK 15210 Lima 9145?

CK 15215 Lima  9145 5311

CK 15218 Lima 6618

CK M 15243 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK E 15271 Bachmann 39-127A

CK E 15282 Hornby Railways R4206B

CK M 15287 Hornby Railways R2176M

CK E 15307 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK M 15311 Hornby Railways R4131A

CK M 15321 Hornby Railways R4133B?

CK 15328 ACE C/13

CK  M 15331 Hornby Railways R4206

CK W 15334 Hornby Railways R4209

CK M 15350 Hornby Railways R4092W R2078

CK E 15398 Hornby Railways R1007

CK E 15399 Hornby Railways R1021M

CK E 15400 Hornby Railways R2089

CK E 15406 Hornby Railways R2089 R2076

CK W 15425 Hornby Railways R4089W R1021M

CK W 15426 ACE C/13 R2073

CK W 15426 Bachmann 39-000W

CK W 15428 Hornby Railways R4090W R2074

CK W 15430 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK M 15443 Hornby Railways R4093W R2078

CK M 15503 Wells Brimtoy N/k

CK E 15513 Hornby Railways R4206A

CK W 15533 Hornby Railways R438

CK W 15542 Hornby Railways R4051

CK S 15566 Bachmann 39-128A

CK S 15567 Hornby Railways R2194

CK S 15567 Bachmann           39-128C

CK S 15568 Hornby Railways R4140

CK S 15573 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK S 15573 Hornby Dublo 4054

CK S 15578 ACE C/5 Set B

CK S 15580 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK W 15583 Hornby Railways R2133M R2166

CK W 15584 Hornby Railways R2133M R2166

CK W 15597 Hornby Railways R4018 R2031

CK W 15598 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK W 15599 Hornby Railways R4110

CK W 15612 Hornby Railways R4353

CK M 15625 Hornby Railways R4201 R4325 R4350

CK M 15627 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK M 15684 Bachmann 39-126B

CK E 15692 Hornby Railways R4005 R2569

CK E 15693 Hornby Railways R2569

CK W 15695 Hornby Railways R4068

CK E 15699 Graham Farish 374-257B

CK E 15700 Hornby Railways R2032 R4019

CK W 15732 Tri-ang T82 (TT)

CK E 15768 Bachmann 39-125B

CK E 15769 Hornby Railways R445

CK E 15770 Hornby Dublo 4052

CK E 15770 Hornby Railways R2032 R4020

CK W 15770 Bachmann 39-129

CK W 15770 Graham Farish 374-252

CK W 15771 Tri-ang R330

CK W 15771 Hornby Railways R858 R0826

CK 15772 Tri-ang T182 (TT)

CK W 15772 Playcraft P347

CK W 15773 Tri-ang T82 (TT) T182 (TT)

CK W 15816 Bachmann 31-2000

CK M 15821 Hornby Railways R4133C

CK M 15824 Hornby Railways R4133B

CK W 15861 Hornby Railways R848 R0826

CK 15863 Tri-ang R382

CK 15865 Tri-ang  R382 R730 R626 R727

CK 15865 Lima 9152 5314 306 307 314 357 6617

CK 15867 Lima 6619

CK W 15870 Hornby Dublo 4050

CK S 15872 Hornby Railways  R4115D

CK S 15873 Kitmaster 13 18 (TT)

CK S 15873 Tri-ang R622

CK S 15888 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK S 15900 Trix 1921

CK S 15900 Liliput 1221

CK S 15900 Minitrix 2925 2933

CK S 15902 Minitrix 2925/2

CK S 15903 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK S 15904 Bachmann 39-128

CK S 15904 Graham Farish 374-251 374-259

CK S 15907 Hornby Railways R4115C

CK S 15915 Hornby Railways R2194

CK M 15916 Bachmann 39-126C

CK 15917 Tri-ang R382

CK M 15917 Hornby Railways R2329M

CK 15918 Tri-ang R422

CK M 15939 Graham Farish 374-258B

CK M 15986 Hornby Railways R2306

CK M 15987 Hornby Railways R2329M

CK M 15993 Hornby Railways R2306

CK M 16004 Hornby Railways Manxman        R382

CK M 16005 Hornby Railways R4177 Manxman

CK M 16005 Bachmann 39-126A

CK E 16008 Hornby Railways R2195M

CK E 16009 Hornby Railways R2195M

CK E 16017 Kitmaster 13 18(TT)

CK E 16031 Graham Farish 374-258A

CK M 16101 Hornby Railways R4201A

CK M16109 Hornby Railways R4229 R382

CK M 16171 Trix 1901

CK M 16171 Liliput 1201

CK M 16171 Minitrix 2921 3005 13005  N305 2927 3003 13003 N303 2927/2 2934
CK W 16198 Trix 1911 1951 1941 1961 1956 1966

CK W 16198 Liliput 1211

CK W 16198 Minitrix 2923 3004 13004 N301

CK W 16201 Hornby Railways R4110A

CK W 16220 Hornby Railways R4110B

CK E 16241 Bachmann 39-125

CK E 16244 Bachmann 39-126F

CK NYK Bachmann 39-126B

CK NYK Hornby Railways R4115D

SK 18601 Bachmann 39-031A

SK W 18611 Lima 5350

SK 18711 Lima 5306

SK 18752 Bachmann 39-031

SK M 18753 Lima 5326

SK M 18753 Replica 12112

SK M 18753 Bachmann            39-030

SK M 18753 Replica 374-054

SK 18955 Replica 12113

BCK E 21008 Graham Farish 695

BCK E 21011 Bachmann 39-226D

BCK Sc 21017 Bachmann 39-227D

BCK W 21021 Graham Farish 696

BCK S 21025 ACE C/13

BCK M 21026 Bachmann 39-227

BCK M 21026 Graham Farish 374-075 374-084

BCK M 21029 Graham Farish 374-081

BCK M 21030 Bachmann 39-227A

BCK M 21030 Graham Farish 370-135

BCK M 21033 Graham Farish 691 370-100 370-102

BCK 21034 ACE C/13

BCK M 21034 Graham Farish 370-101

BCK E 21037 Graham Farish 374-080A

BCK E 21050 Bachmann 39-227B

BCK E 21053 Graham Farish 374-075D

BCK W 21067 Bachmann 39-229

BCK W 21067 Graham Farish 374-077 370-150

BCK W 21071 Graham Farish 374-075A 374-075B

BCK W 21072 Graham Farish 694

BCK M 21076 Replica 12147

BCK W 21080 Graham Farish 374-082

BCK W 21083 Graham Farish 374-077A

BCK E 21086 Replica 12146

BCK W 21087 ACE C/13

BCK E 21089 ACE C/5 Set B

BCK W 21135 Graham Farish 374-077B

BCK S 21179 Graham Farish 693

BCK W 21192 Graham Farish 374-077C

BCK W 21194 Trix 1912 1944

BCK W 21194 Liliput 1212

BCK W 21194 Minitrix 2924 3007 13007 N302

BCK M 21198 Graham Farish 370-100 370-102

BCK M 21199 Graham Farish 370-101

BCK E 21202 Bachmann 39-226

BCK E 21202 Graham Farish 374-078

BCK E 21216 Graham Farish 374-080B

BCK E 21217 Graham Farish 374-075C

BCK E 21219 Graham Farish 374-078B

BCK M 21226 Graham Farish 374-078A

BCK E 21234 Graham Farish 374-078D

BCK 21236 Graham Farish 691

BCK M 21237 Graham Farish 069A

BCK M 21238 Bachmann 39-227

BCK M 21238 Graham Farish 370-135

BCK M 21240 Trix 1902 1945 1981 1952 1982 1957 1942 1963 1967
BCK M 21240 Liliput 1202

BCK M 21240 Minitrix 2922 3008 13008 N308 2928 3006 13006 N306 2928/2
BCK (sic) IC 21241 C Lima 149441

BCK IC 21241 C Bachmann 39-000Y

BCK M 21241 Bachmann 39-225

BCK M 21241 Graham Farish 374-080

BCK W 21243 Replica 12144

BCK M 21247 Bachmann 39-225C

BCK E 21259 Graham Farish 374-078C

BCK S 21263 Replica 12141

BCK S 21263 Bachmann 39-228A

BCK S 21264 Bachmann 39-228C

BCK S 21264 Graham Farish 370-225

BCK 21266 Replica 12142

BCK 21266 Bachmann 39-230

BCK 21266 Graham Farish 374-079

BCK M 21268 Replica 12145

BCK S 21268 Bachmann 39-228 39-228B

BCK S 21268 Graham Farish 374-076

BCK S 21271 Graham Farish 374-076A

BCK S 21272 Bachmann 39-228B

BCK S 21272 Graham Farish 374-083

BCK S 21273 Graham Farish 370-225

BCK S 21275 Graham Farish 374-076B

SK M 24001 Tri-ang R29? T82 (TT)

SK 24010 Tri-ang R29? R321? T82 (TT)

SK 24011 Tri-ang T82 (TT) R321?

SK M 24123 ACE C/5 Set B

SK 24147 ACE C/13

SK E 24159 Bachmann 39-027E

SK E 24159 Graham Farish 374-050D

SK W 24165 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK W 24165 Bachmann 39-029

SK W 24165 Graham Farish 374-052

SK W 24165 ACE C/13

SK W 24166 Bachmann 39-027H

SK W 24167 Graham Farish 684

SK S 24169 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24169 ACE C/13

SK E 24222 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK E 24237 Graham Farish 374-053D

SK E 24240 Bachmann 39-027D

SK S 24302 Anbrico

SK S 24302 Bachmann 39-028E

SK S 24305 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24305 Bachmann 39-028B 39-028A

SK S 24305 Graham Farish 374-063B

SK S 24305 Hornby Railways R4608

SK S 24309 Graham Farish 374-051B 370-225

SK S 24311 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24311 Bachmann 39-028

SK S 24311 Graham Farish 374-051

SK S 24316 Graham Farish 683

SK S 24317 Graham Farish 374-063

SK S 24318 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24318 Graham Farish 374-051C

SK S 24319 Graham Farish 068A

SK S 24320 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24324 Graham Farish 374-051A

SK S 24324 Bachmann 39-028C

SK S 24326 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK S 24327 Bachmann 39-028A

SK S 24327 Graham Farish 370-225

SK W 24328 Bachmann 39-029E

SK W 24330 Hornby Railways R4354

SK W 24335 Graham Farish 686

SK W 24341 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK M 24399 Graham Farish 370-100 370-102

SK M 24400 Graham Farish 370-101

SK M 24405 Kitmaster 14

SK M 24437 Lima 5363

SK M 24439 Hornby Railways R4351

SK M 24446 Bachmann 34-727 39-027

SK M 24446 Graham Farish 374-050

SK E 24448 Graham Farish 374-054A

SK M 24467 Bachmann 39-027A

CCT O24497 Bachmann 39-553Z

SK E 24531 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK E 24538 Bachmann 34-726 39-026

SK E 24538 Graham Farish 374-053

SK M 24567 Graham Farish 370-135

SK M 24583 Graham Farish 681

SK M 24633 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK M 24679 Bachmann 39-026D

SK W 24689 Bachmann 39-025F

SK W 24716 Mainline 37105

SK W 24719 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK W 24720 Mainline 37101

SK W 24747 Bachmann 39-029B

SK W 24747 Graham Farish 374-064B

SK W 24750 Bachmann  31-2000

SK W 24753 Graham Farish 686

SK E 24772 Graham Farish 685

SK E 24783 Graham Farish 374-050C

SK E 24796 Bachmann 39-027C became 39-027B

SK M 24807 Graham Farish 374-050B

SK E 24813 Bachmann 39-027B

SK E 24813 Graham Farish 374-050A

SK M 24819 Graham Farish 370-135

SK M 24823 Graham Farish 370-100

SK M 24824 Graham Farish 370-101

SK SC 24850 Lima 5318

SK M 24861 Kitmaster 14 20(TT)

SK E 24911 Bachmann 39-026E

SK E 24911 Graham Farish 374-061

SK E 25011 Graham Farish 374-055A

SK E 25039 Bachmann 34-725 39-025

SK E 25039 Graham Farish 374-055

SK W 25043 Bachmann 39-000W

SK E 25044 Bachmann 39-026A

SK W 25050 Graham Farish 370-150

SK W 25051 Bachmann 39-029A

SK W 25051 Graham Farish 374-052A

SK W 25055 Graham Farish 370-150

SK W 25093 Graham Farish 374-052B

SK M 25168 Graham Farish 068C

SK (Buffet) W 25189 Bachmann 31-200

SK W 25200 Bachmann 39-029C

SK W 25238 Graham Farish 068B

SK M 25250 Graham Farish 681

SK M 25390 Mainline 37107

SK M 25390 Dapol E39

SK M 25400 Bachmann 39-026B

SK M 25400 Graham Farish 374-053A

SK M 25409 Graham Farish 374-053C

SK M 25437 Graham Farish 374-053B

SK M 25454 Mainline 37103 937107

SK M 25491 Graham Farish 374-053E

SK M 25623 Lima 5364

SK M 25704 Bachmann 39-026C

SK E 25832 Bachmann 39-025C

SK E 25857 Anbrico

SK Sc 25861 Bachmann 39-026H

SK M 25889 Graham Farish 374-050E

SK M 25893 Graham Farish 374-055C

SK S 25915 Mainline 37121

SK S 25915 Dapol E38

SK S 25942 Replica 12111

SK E 26033 Bachmann 39-025B

SK E 26057 Graham Farish 374-053F

SK  W 26070   Lima  5362

SK W 26093 Graham Farish  374-002A ?

SK W 26099 Graham Farish 374-052C

SK W 26128 Graham Farish 374-052D

SK E 26140 Bachmann 39-025A

BCK (sic) M 26546 Minitrix 13066

BSK M 34000 Tri-ang R28

BSK M 34001 Tri-ang R320

BSK 34001 Tri-ang T83 (TT) T83 (TT)

BSK 34002 Tri-ang R28

BSK M 34004 Bachmann 30-020

BSK E 34007 Hornby Railways R4004

BSK E 34007 Bachmann 39-076A

BSK E 34010 Hornby Railways R4069

BSK 34060 Playcraft P458

BSK M 34078 Lima 5331

BSK M 34090 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK M 34096 Bachmann 39-077C

BSK 34100 Tri-ang R627

BSK 34100 Lima 9320 6644

BSK M 34100 Hornby Railways R4094W R891 R929 R2078

BSK M 34103 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK M 34106 Hornby Railways R4132B 5331

BSK W 34134 Hornby Railways R2031

BSK 34134 ACE C/13

BSK W 34139 Bachmann 39-077E

BSK M 34140 Bachmann 39-076D

BSK W 34149 Tri-ang R329?

BSK W 34149 Hornby Railways R437

BSK W 34150 Tri-ang T183 (TT)

BSK W 34151 Hornby Railways R4050

BSK W 34151 Bachmann 39-000R

BSK W 34152 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK W 34154 Hornby Railways R4022 R850 R 0826

BSK W 34154 ACE C/13 Set B

BSK S 34155 Graham Farish 374-186B

BSK W 34156 ACE C/13

BSK S 34158 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 34158 Hornby Railways R4114A

BSK E 34166 Hornby Railways R4205A

BSK E 34168 Bachmann 34-776 39-076

BSK E 34160 Hornby Railways R1007

BSK 34220 Wrenn W6007?

BSK E 34225 Hornby Railways R4021

BSK E 34225 Bachmann 39-076G

BSK E 34226 Bachmann 39-077 Became 39-077A

BSK E 34226 Graham Farish 374-175

BSK E 34232 Hornby Railways R2089

BSK S 34235 Tri-ang T133 (TT)

BSK S 34239 Hornby Railways R4609 R4609B

BSK S 34240 Hornby Railways R4609A

BSK S 34243 Tri-ang R220

BSK S 34245 Tri-ang R220 T133 (TT)  T88 (TT)

BSK S 34248 Hornby Railways R4114B

BSK S 34256 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 34269 Hornby Railways R4006 R4257

BSK S 34271 Hornby Railways R2082

BSK S 34272 Hornby Railways R2082

BSK S 34279 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 34284 Hornby Railways R4114

BSK M 34285 Hornby Railways R2176M

BSK M 34286 Hornby Railways R2329M

BSK M 34288 Hornby Railways R4132A

BSK M 34288 Bachmann 39-077D

BSK W 34290 Hornby Dublo 4051

BSK W 34290 Playcraft P348

BSK W 34290 Bachmann 39-079

BSK W 34290 Graham Farish 374-189

BSK W 34292 Hornby Railways R2432

BSK W 34297 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK W 34300 Hornby Railways R4091 R2075

BSK W 34301 Hornby Railways R2133M

BSK W 34302 Tri-ang R329

BSK W 34302 Hornby Railways R2090

BSK W 34303 Hornby Railways R4208A

BSK W 34303 Bachmann 39-079C

BSK W 34312 Hornby Railways R2364M

BSK W 34315 Hornby Railways R2166

BSK M 34358 Hornby Railways R2176M

BSK M 34363 Hornby Railways R4229

BSK M 34370 Hornby Railways R4229

BSK M 34389 Hornby Railways R2112

BSK M 34399 Hornby Railways R4200

BSK M 34412 Hornby Railways R4205

BSK E 34413 Hornby Railways R2195M

BSK E 34422 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK E 34500 Graham Farish 374-185B

BSK M 34571 Mainline 37104

BSK E 34590 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK E 34600 Hornby Railways R450

BSK S 34621 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 34632 Hornby Railways R4114C

BSK S 34641 Hornby Railways R 2194

BSK S 34641 Graham Farish 374-186

BSK S 34642 Hornby Railways R 4140

BSK S 34642 Replica 12121

BSK S 34642 Bachmann 39-078E

BSK S 34642 Graham Farish  374-186A

BSK M 34655 Bachmann 39-077

BSK M 34655 Hornby Railways R4352

BSK M 34662 Hornby Railways Manxman

BSK M 34671 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK Sc 34725 Anbrico

BSK M 34736 Graham Farish 374-178A

BSK W 34751 Bachmann 39-079A 39-000W

BSK W 34751 Graham Farish 374-177

BSK W 34763 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK W 34751 Bachmann 39-000W

BSK W 34773 Bachmann 31-2000

BSK W 34800 Hornby Railways R4208

BSK W 34809 Hornby Railways R4109

BSK W 34812 Hornby Railways R4109B

BSK W 34820 Mainline 37102

BSK W 34855 Graham Farish  374-189B 

BSK W 34860 Mainline 37106

BSK W 34888 Hornby Railways R4355

BSK W 34892 Bachmann 31-2000

BSK W34917 Hornby Railways R4109A

BSK S 34936 Tri-ang R623

BSK S 34938 Mainline 37122

BSK S 34945 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 34974 Bachmann 39-078B

BSK S 35001 Hornby Dublo 4055

BSK S 35010 Bachmann 39-075D

BSK S 35020 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK S 35020 Bachmann 39-078

BSK 35021 Bachmann 39-078  Became S 35021 39-078A

BSK S 35021 Graham Farish 374-176

BSK 35024 Tri-ang R423 R383 R627 R728  R731

BSK 35024 Lima 306 307 315 358

BSK 35025 Tri-ang R423

BSK 35028 Lima 6654

BSK M 35040 Mainline 37108

BSK M 35040 Dapol E40

BSK M 35040 Bachmann 39-075A

BSK Sc 35070 Lima 5316

BSK M 35099 Hornby Railways R2306

BSK M 35110 Hornby Railways R4177

BSK W 35111 Tri-ang T83 (TT)

BSK M 35114 Hornby Railways R4200A R627 R728

BSK 35115 Tri-ang R423 R383 R627

BSK 35116 Tri-ang R383

BSK E 35157 Kitmaster 15 17(TT)

BSK E 35162 Hornby Railways R2569

BSK E 35173 Hornby Dublo 4053

BSK M 35180 Bachmann 39-076B

BSK M 35180 Graham Farish 374-187B

BSK 35193 Lima 5307

BSK 35193 Replica 12123

BSK W 35198 Lima 5351

BSK E 35251 Anbrico

BSK 35260 ACE C/5 Set A

BSK 35309 Lima 6651

BSK M 35322 Graham Farish 374-188B

BSK 35339 Bachmann 39-082

BSK E 35383 Bachmann 39-075B

BSK E 35445 Bachmann 34-775

BSK 35452 Bachmann 39-081

BSK 35452 Graham Farish 374-180

BSK M 35454 Replica 12122

BSK 35464 Replica 12123

BSK 35464 Bachmann 39-082A

BSK M 35465 Lima 5372

BSK M 35465 Bachmann 39-080 39-075

BSK M 35465 Graham Farish 374-179

BSK M 35486 Bachmann 39-076C

BSK M 35486 Graham Farish 374-178

C M 41004 Bachmann 34-701A ?

C M 41006 Bachmann 34-701 34-701A

C M 41006 Tri-ang R121

C 41007 Tri-ang R121 T80 (TT)

C M 41008 Graham Farish 372-281B

C E 41010 Bachmann 34-703

C E 41010 Graham Farish 374-280B

C M 41012 Hornby Dublo 4083

C M 41014 Graham Farish 374-281

C W 41045 Graham Farish 374-280

C W 41045 Replica 12499

C W 41058 Bachmann 34-700 34-700A

C W 41058 Graham Farish 374-281A

C S 41060 Replica 12591

C S 41061 Replica 12592

C S 41062 Replica 12593

C S 41063 Replica 12594

BS W 43102 Bachmann 34-627  34-627A

BS W 43105 Bachmann 30-055

BS W 43106 Bachmann 34-631

BS E 43112 Bachmann 34-629

BS E 43138 Bachmann 34-629A

BS M 43171 Tri-ang R120 T80 (TT)

BS E 43182 Graham Farish 374-312A

BS M 43230 Bachmann 30-016

BS M 43233 Graham Farish 374-310B

BS M 43257 Bachmann 34-626

BS M 43259 Bachmann 34-625     34-627A

BS M 43269 Graham Farish 374-310

BS M 43270 Bachmann 34-625A

BS M 43270 Graham Farish 374-311

BS M 43277 Hornby Dublo 4084

BS E 43363 Graham Farish 374-311B

BS W 43368 Replica 12498

BS W 43370 Replica 12499

BS W 43372 Replica 12498

BS S 43374 Replica 12591

BS S 43375 Replica 12591

BS S 43376 Replica 12592

BS S 43377 Replica 12592

BS S 43378 Replica 12593

BS S 43379 Replica 12593

BS S 43380 Replica 12594

BS S 43381 Replica 12594

BS S 43381 Hornby Dublo 4082

S W 46012 Graham Farish 374-270

S M 46067 Graham Farish 374-271B

S M 46071 Graham Farish 374-271

S M 46073 Bachmann 34-602 34-602A

S M 46073 Graham Farish 374-271A

S M 46074 Bachmann 34-603 34-602A

S M 46081 Bachmann 34-609

S M 46082 Bachmann 34-600

S M 46083 Bachmann 34-601 34-601A

S E 46087 Bachmann 34-607

S E 46109 Bachmann 34-605 34-605A

S E 46127 Bachmann 34-606 34-606A

S W 46131 Bachmann 30-055

S W 46199 Bachmann 34-604 34-604A

S E 46200 Bachmann 34-607A

S E 46212 Graham Farish 374-270B

S W 46267 Replica 12499

S W 46277 Replica 12498

S W 46279 Replica 12498

S S 46280 Replica 12596A

S S 46283 Replica 12596B

S S 46287 Replica 12596C

S S 46288 Replica 12596D

S S 46291 Hornby Dublo 4081

S M 46300 Bachmann 30-016

SO (NG) M 48029 Bachmann 34-675 34-675A

SO (NG) M 48029 Graham Farish 374-291A

SO (NG M 48032 Graham Farish 374-291

SO (NG M 48033 Graham Farish 374-290

SO (NG) M 48037 Bachmann 34-676 34-676A

SO (NG) E 48040 Bachmann 34-608

SO (NG) E 48040 Graham Farish 374-290B

SO (NG) W 48044 Replica 12099

SO (NG) W 48052 Replica 12498

MBSK NE 51970 Trix 1976?

MBSK NE 51976 Trix 1972?

BS 53171 Tri-ang R120 T81 (TT)

BS E 53171 Bachmann 34-628 34-628A 34-675A

S E 56128 Bachmann 34-600/1 34-676A

TSL NE 59766 Trix 1975?

TSL NE 59766 Liliput 1275?

TSLRB NE 59774 Trix 1973?  1977?

TSLRB NE 59774 Liliput 1273?

C M 71006 Bachmann 34-628A

POS W 80300 Playcraft P454 P459

POS 80300 Graham Farish 374-901 374-902 374-903

POS 80300 Bachmann 39-420Y 39-420X 39-420W

POS 80305 Bachmann 39-420Z

POS 80305 Graham Farish 374-900

POS 80328 Tri-ang R416?

POS 80363 Tri-ang R416?

POS 80387 Graham Farish 797

BG 80530 Hornby Railways R4619

BG 80531 Tri-ang R425 R387

BG 80532 Tri-ang R425 R387

BG M 80532 Hornby Railways R4207 R4204

BG  E 80533 Hornby Railways R440 R387

BG E 80535 Hornby Railways R4073

BG M 80541 Bachmann 39-177

BG M 80541 Graham Farish 374-026

BG M 80549 Graham Farish 374-026A

BG 80555 Minitrix 2927

BG M 80560 Graham Farish 777

BG S 80561 Bachmann 39-178C

BG M 80565 Graham Farish 374-035

BG 80567 ACE C/13

BG E 80617 Bachmann 39-175

BG E 80617 Graham Farish 374-025

BG E 80617 Hornby Railways R4207A R1007

BG E 80623 Bachmann 39-177A

BG E 80623 Graham Farish 374-026C

BG E 80629 Graham Farish 374-025A

BG E 80654 Replica 12173

BG 80657 Tri-ang R425 R387

BG W 80657 Graham Farish 775

BG 80658 Tri-ang  R387

BG W 80660 Hornby Railways R4111

BG W 80664 Replica 12164

BG W 80668 Graham Farish 374-029C

BG 80675 ACE C/5

BG M 80689 Bachmann 39-182A

BG W 80705 Hornby Railways R4212

BG W 80705 Bachmann 39-177D

BG W 80708 Bachmann 39-176C

BG W 80713 Graham Farish 374-038

BG M 80723 Graham Farish 771

BG W 80723 ACE C/13

BG M 80725 Replica 12167

BG W 80725 Bachmann 39-176E

BG E 80792 Graham Farish 374-027A

BG E 80798 Bachmann 39-176

BG E 80798 Graham Farish 374-027

BG M 80826 Graham Farish 777

BG E 80855 Lima  5341 5343 5344 368 369

BG M 80855 Replica 12166

BG M 80855 Hornby Railways R4204A

BG 80861 Lima  5347

BG M 80871 Graham Farish 374-025B

BG S 80875 Replica 12061

BG S 80893 Bachmann 39-178B

BG S 80893 Graham Farish 374-037

BG M 80906 Graham Farish 374-039

BG M 80950 Bachmann 39-176A

BG M 80955 Bachmann 39-175D

BG M 80962 Anbrico

BG W 81019 Graham Farish 374-029B

BG W 81021 Hornby Railways R436

BG S 81039 ACE C/13

BG E 81125 Graham Farish 776

BG W 81205 Bachmann 39-179

BG W 81206 Hornby Railways R4212A

BG W 81216 Graham Farish 374-029A

BG E 81231 Graham Farish 778

BG W 81259 Hornby Railways R4053

BG W 81266 Bachmann 39-176F

BG S 81292 Graham Farish 773

BG S 81292 Hornby Railways R4116A

BG S 81292 Bachmann 39-178A

BG E 81299 Graham Farish 374-027B

BG M 81300 Bachmann 39-176B

BG 81304 Minitrix 2938

BG E 81312 Hornby Dublo 4075

BG S 81510 Hornby Railways R4071

BG S 81510 Bachmann 39-178

BG S 81510 Graham Farish 374-028

BG S 81542 Hornby Railways R4116  R4116B

BG S 81542 Graham Farish 773

BG W 84166 Hornby Railways R4626 R4642

BG M 84281 Bachmann 39-175A

GUV M 86105 Graham Farish 4101

GUV M 86117 Lima 5656

GUV E 86123 Bachmann 39-271C

GUV E 86243 Bachmann 39-271Z

GUV W86253 Bachmann 39-271

BG ? M 86308 Graham Farish 374-026B

GUV W 86359 Graham Farish 374-125

GUV W 86470 Lima 5657

GUV W 86479 Bachmann 39-272

GUV S 86724 Graham Farish 374-131

GUV S 86791 Bachmann 39-273A

GUV M 86898 Bachmann 39-272C

BG M 92001 Lima 5373 103406

BG 92002 Replica 12162

BG 92004 Replica 12162

BG 92007 Replica 12161

BG 92008 Replica 12162

BG 92034 Replica 12162

BG 92043 Graham Farish 774

BG 92047 Graham Farish 772

BG E 92058 Bachmann 39-181

BG E 92058 Graham Farish 374-031

BG 92061 Replica 12169

RBR W 92069 Lima 5352

BG 92075 Graham Farish 774

BG 92086 Replica 12169

BG 92086 Graham Farish 772

BG 92088 Replica 12169

BG 92091 Replica 12169

BG 92092 Lima 5396

BG 92108 Bachmann 39-001Y 

BG 92112 Replica 12170

BG 92124 Replica 12170

BG 92128 Lima 5346

BG 92128 Replica 12169

BG 92131 Replica 12162

BG 92131 Bachmann 39-184

BG 92138 Bachmann 39-001Y 

BG 92139 Replica 12170

BG 92151 Graham Farish 374-030

BG 92151 Bachmann 39-180

BG 92179 Replica 12170

BG 92193 Replica 12162

BG 92207 Replica 12170

BG 92212 Graham Farish 787

BG 92220 Replica 12170

BG 92234 Replica 12172

BG 92236 Lima 5389

BG 92241 Lima 105110+105114

BG 92244 Lima 104314+104318

BG 92267 Replica 12162

BG 92315 Bachmann 39-176Z

BG 92322 Graham Farish 374-032 370-125

BG 92322 Bachmann 39-183

BG 92327 Graham Farish 374-032A

BG 92332 Replica 12172

BG 92339 Replica 12170

BG 92355 Lima 5349

BG 92361 Replica 12170

BG 92381 Replica 12172

BG 92418 Bachmann 39-183A

BG 92418 Graham Farish 370-125

BG 92714 Lima 149808

BG 92750 Lima 149784

GUV 93133 Bachmann 39-272A

GUV 93134 Lima 5640

GUV 93141 Lima 5640+104314+104318

GUV W 93180 Graham Farish 374-125A

GUV 93263 Graham Farish 4107

GUV 93323 Bachmann 39-275

GUV M 93337 Graham Farish 374-126

GUV 93356 Graham Farish 4105

GUV 93395 Lima 5613

GUV 93469 Graham Farish        374-125B

GUV E 93736 Bachmann           39-274A

GUV 93849 Lima 105110+105114

GUV 93852 Lima 5612

GUV 93852 Bachmann 39-270Z

GUV 93999 Graham Farish 4106

Super GUV 94123 Lima 5721 149619

GUV 94138 Hornby Railways R6355

CCT M 94149 Hornby Railways R6314

Super GUV 94153 Lima 5614

Super GUV 94157 Lima 5722 149619

Super GUV 94208 Lima 5723 149619

Super GUV 94209 Lima 5724

Super GUV 94212 Lima 5619 5725

CCT M 94229 Lima 5355

CCT M 94246 Graham Farish 374-786

CCT M 94291 Bachmann 39-550Z

CCT M 94291 Graham Farish           374-785

CCT M 94292 Lima 5357

PCV 94303 Replica 15001

GUV 94312 Hornby Railways R6354

PCV 94322 Replica 15001

PCV 94332 Replica 15001

PCV 94338 Replica 15001

Super BG 94420 Bachmann 39-201

Super BG 94433 Graham Farish 374-777A

Super BG 94451 Bachmann 39-200A

Super BG 94462 Bachmann 39-201B

Super BG 94462 Graham Farish 374-776A

Super BG 94465 Bachmann           39-200C

Super BG 94467 Bachmann 39-200B

Super BG 94472 Graham Farish 374-778A

Super BG 94474 Bachmann 39-200

Super BG 94474 Graham Farish 374-775A

Super BG 94520 Bachmann 39-201A

CCT E 94596 Hornby Railways R6364

CCT W 94598 Bachmann 39-552Z

CCT E 94606 Lima 869

CCT E 94628 Bachmann 39-551Z

CCT E 94628 Graham Farish 374-787

CCT M 94817 Bachmann 39-555Z

CCT M 94817 Graham Farish 374-799

CCT M 94823 Lima 870

CCT M 94883 Hornby Railways R6315

GUV 95133 Lima 149808

GUV 95134 Lima 149784

GUV 95138 Lima 149808

GUV 95143 Lima 149784

GUV 95146 Bachmann 39-270A

GUV 95193 Graham Farish 374-127A

GUV 95197 Graham Farish 374-127

GUV 95199 Bachmann 39-270

GUV 95199 Graham Farish 370-125 374-133

BG - NCX 95204 Replica 12172

BG - NCX 95211 Bachmann 39-182

GUV 96102 Lima 5610

HB E 96307 Bachmann 38-525X

HB E 96330 Bachmann 38-525Z

HB E 96330 Graham Farish           373-360

GUV W 96175 Lima 5611

HB E 96346 Bachmann 38-525Y

HB E 96346 Graham Farish 373-361

HB E 96349 Bachmann 38-525Y

HB S 96359 Bachmann 38-526Z

HB S 96359 Graham Farish 373-362

HB S 96366 Bachmann 38-526Y

HB S 96369 Bachmann 38-526X

GUV 96369 Graham Farish 374-125B

HB S 96369 Bachmann 38-526X

HB S 96403 Bachmann 38-526W

HB S 96412 Hornby Dublo 4316

HB S 96412 Wrenn W4315

HB S 96413 Bachmann 38-526Y

HB S 96414 Bachmann 38-526W

HB E 96435 Hornby Dublo 4315?

HB E 96435 Wrenn W4315? W4315X? W5002?

BSK CC99016 Bachmann 39-000P

TSO CC99017 Bachmann 39-000P

BSK 99041 Hornby Railways  R3221

BSK 99312 Hornby Railways R4149B R4176B R4239B R4220B R4309B R4392B

CK 99716 Hornby Railways X4148 R4148A R4175A R4219A R4238A R4308A R4319A

CK 99718 Hornby Railways R4148B R4175B R4219B R4238B R4308B R4391B

CK 99718 Bachmann OO638

BSK 99723 Hornby Railways R1025 R4149A R4176A R4220A R4239A R4309A R4392A

BSK 99723 Bachmann OO638

BSK 99953 Bachmann 39-000U

BS         ADB963952 Bachmann 34-625Y

Super GUV ADB971001 Hornby R4571

PFK RDB974427 Bachmann 39-290Z

BSK RDB975046 Bachmann 39-001W

BSK RDB975051 Bachmann 39-000V

BSK RDB975051 Graham Farish 374-000Z

BSK RDB975136 Bachmann 39-000V

BSK RDB975136 Graham Farish 374-000Z

BSO RDB975428 Bachmann 39-001W

BG 975547 Bachmann 39-175Z

BG ADB975613 Bachmann 39-185

BG ADB975613 Graham Farish 374-041

BFK ADB975655 Bachmann 39-411Z

BSK ADB975875 Bachmann 39-001X

SK ADB977057 Bachmann 39-001

CK ADB977060 Bachmann 39-001

CCT ADB977076 Bachmann 39-554Z

BSK ADB977087 Bachmann 39-001X

BSK KDB977167 Lima 5397

BSO DB977337 Bachmann 39-370Z

GUV KDB977557 Lima 5658

GUV KDB977557 Bachmann 39-370Y

BS ARMY3031 Graham Farish 370-400

BS ARMY3032 Graham Farish 370-400

BS ARMY3034 Graham Farish 370-400