Thursday, 23 July 2009

Transport, tickets and specialist collecting magazines.

Specialist Auctions works brilliantly for all sorts of niche subjects. In turn many of these subjects have specialist organisations furthering their interests. Where possible it is nice to create a relationship between the auction site and an interested organisation. Here is an example of how this can be done. The Transport Ticket Society (see was established in 1946. Their journal is one of the most august of these types in literature in the transport heritage field and there are many such. In Number 546 for July 2009, your author and Specialist Auctions moderator has managed to place a page of copy which also deploys the "model bus" advert generated earlier this year.Hopefully this will bring new folk to list at Specialist Auctions and they will also take advantage of the quite wide spread of ticket material already listed.There are two obvious categories to check at Specialist Auctions and these are:
for the rail tickets
for the bus tickets.Other tickets can be found at Specialist Auctions including aviation and sporting examples. Mentioning the area of of specialist collecting journals, a little searching of the site revealed that some good examples of these are also being listed. For instance from the Huddersfield Canal Society . An especially rare title which was being offered as I typed was a group of 19 Corgi Club Magazines from the early 1960s. This is the diecast car sort of Corgi not the woof-woof. See them at I offer a number of onboard magazines from railway operators past and present like . Specialist magazines do not just cover transport collectables. There are many in the Specialist site for the craftworking theme like .