Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Prudhoe Town Centre meeting aftermath

Some folk are wondering whether a compomise is that the shopping element goes ahead and the houses don't. My guess is that without the housing the viability of the rest of the development comes into question. I do not mind the land in question being developed. I don't mind a Sainsbury, I don't mind new shops including a butchers, I don't mind a car park done discretely. I don't mind new houses. I don't want Station Bank to become a nightmare. I do want the location of the hillside and the skills of the estate in gardening to be integrated into the development. In my mind I don't see why Berlin walls are needed if the design was good. I do want a partner who is trustworthy and does what they undertake to do (and that seems an issue at Alnwick). What is so difficult about my aspirations? Or any they just the ramblings of a naive idiot?

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Prudhoe Town Centre Meeting 5th September 2009

‎"But Mr Barnes told the meeting at Prudhoe High School: “It isn’t possible to have a new town centre, if that’s what Prudhoe wants, without some people being affected.”

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PLANS to redevelop the centre of a Northumberland town were last night slammed as “a disgrace” by angry residents.
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    • Robert Forsythe If Mr Barnes listened to other architects and read my blog or Facebook he might understand that you could have a town centre redevelopment much more in harmony with both the 21st century and the hillside at Prudhoe than the one Northumberland Estates propose. His take it or leave it attitude, his cannot make an ommelete without breaking a few eggs approach is at the root of why so many people in Prudhoe find Northumberland Estate's treatment of this community deeply offensive. There are a few people within Prudhoe who suggest we should accept second or third best. They should reflect deeply on the concerns in the minds of hundreds of people last night.
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    I was not at the meeting last night. I did not need to be. There were hundreds of people wanting to put their point of view and be heard. My wife was one of them. The little clip I reproduce from this morning's Journal well sets the tone. Co-incidentally yesterday afternoon a new consultation brochure came through the post. It is uploaded along with some comment here. Not to point out that this is a multi storey car park or that the only food retail is Sainbury is to be economical with the actualite.