Friday, 17 June 2011

Some aphrorisms

Years ago, the questing spiritual side of me started "writing". For a while it was a page on my own website. I took it down when we had Clare. I was too busy to want to deal with "hassle" that my troublesome views might engender. But I carry on writing in a genre that is simply me and as soon as you label it morphs. Over on Facebook some of our photo captions hint at it. I wonder if the blog can stand any of it. Here are some short aphorisms which started the old page.
The transforming power of love

Appears to me the only basis

By which the Church and Christ

May re-establish themselves.
Academic research

should not be a methodology

but a drama.
If the world cannot order itself

To treat its citizens aright

Is it my fault if I cannot cope with it?
What makes humanity?

That we can do things better.

What might be grace?

When things are done better.
If Society does not owe you a job

What do you owe Society?
I would rather be my wife's sex slave

than anyone else's wage slave.
If Fiona was all gold and mine

I would weep with bitterness.

I should rather die prematurely

than get divorced.



Discuss in what circumstances these statements might be true.
Man has always sought a virtual world.

It is the religious driver.

Women priests are a Biblical impossibility

So also is homosexual marriage.

Grant one and the other might follow.

Two perversities for the conservative.

Why should Christ's grace not liberate us

From the strictures of gender?
The price of freedom in creation is the price of pain

However for many that may seem a price

Too heavy for the reward.

A disturbing discovery is that Nature bullies.

Vulcanism and glaciation were hardly man's fault.