Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Music favourites, quick checklist

Music Favourites Quick Checklist

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The creeds:


I vow to thee my county

Let all mortal flesh keep silence words no words

Be thou my vision

Mussorgsky Great Gate of Kiev

Mendelssohn : The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) - Overture Memorably heard on the tannoy of Calmac's Columba wallowing in the swell off Fingal's Cave on a round Mull cruise in 1984.


Der heimliche Aufmarsch  Hans Eisler

Bella Ciao politically I am for equality of opportunity which does not mean we are all similar, I believe in diverse lives, but not a diversity which cloaks bullying as culture. Fascism, Nazism, Islamisation, they are the same, evil.  My choice for Bella Ciao is an Italian priest singing it in Church. What memories he had?

The Socialist ABC

Land of the Pennine God by Mike Donald on his North by North East Album, a Settle Carlisle piece and darned difficult to find online. I have the LP.

Spanish Ladies Sarah Blasko (into the world of sea shanties, the song of the waters)

Both sides of the Tweed Hogg and sung at

The Yew Tree Battlefield Band

Jock o Hazeldean in some measure because this is a short cut into debating the Border Ballads and Tynedale. Another Auden case of missed locations.

"Wha'll be King but Cherlie?" Silly Wizzard version I can enjoy very much music from Irish republicans and Jacobites. I can understand how it works but don't assume I agree. I know which side I would have been on in the 1715, and 1745. And I know which way my vote, if I had one, would have gone in 1706. I am a British Unionist.

Related "names"  Hey, Johnnie Cope by Ewan MacColl

and Bonnie Dundee

Parcel of Rogues  Corries

St Laurence O'Toole

Dark Iniseoghain     Deanta (more or less anything from them)

The Old Ways Loreena McKennitt (most of what she does although I do hold it against it her that she has never played in the Anglo-Scottish Borders). Note this song refers to Clare, a mix that is sacred to me.

Dante's Prayer by Loreena has to be listed

Bonny Portmore by Loreena we love TREES discussion

Hot asphalt a Joe Plunkett song  this one is done by the Dubliners

Johnny Jump Up Gaelic Storm

The Shoals of Herring Ewan MacColl version which directly links Great Yarmouth and Shields and thereby the two rivers so much of life has revolved around. I will always attend to songs of the sea. Also Come all you gallant fishermen  "Norfolk Boys and Lads from Peterheid, Buckie Chiels and Men from Shields". These were Britons.

Heart of the Ocean by Gaelic Storm

Patriot Game (actually anti war, anti the IRA and nationalism) Dubliners

Goodbye Saigon Billy Joel

Goodbye Saigon Wil Ferrell

Holding out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler

Casino Royale


In praise of limestone   Auden  (the version with the dildo!)

There is an amount of Auden out there to listen to but not Amor Loci or New Year Letter though bits are in which is thoroughly Pennine biased.

The Grand Inquistor, Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Gielgud's monologue.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Nasty Party

I love enthusiasts, passionate people but I hate nastiness. For quite some time the Nasty Party has been a phrase. People have used it on my timeline. The Nasty Party is cross party. Yesterday a wheelchair using Independent newspaper reporter was viilified by the crowd at GMEX. Other neutrals were affected. The protests outside GMEX do not impress me, if they have a good case, they do not need nastiness, nor egg throwing. There is a lobby that use Facebook thinking they can call either for a new election now, or Scottish independence quick time. All of which is a refusal to accept democracy. It is fair to say some Tory politicians are out of touch, many might say the Corbynites are too (and will be disappointed as their leader does a Tsipras). Teresa May apparently spent £1,400 on her conference dress complete with gold zip. Totally out of touch and her speech whilst right to worry about the scale of immigration and the challenge of cohesiveness was wrong on the matter of economic effect and since it attracted the ire of the Institute of Directors who called it irresponsible, not serious politics beyond her pitching for leadership. So I don't like Mrs May but it is not about nastiness, it is about reasonable debate. In her audience were immigrants and the children of immigrants. Two Tory MPs in my consciousness refer to that heritage Boris Johnson and Guy Opperman. Wrapping up, honestly, if being nasty gives you a hit, if you think this party or that is The Nasty Party, quietly remove yourself from my Facebook friend list.
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