Monday, 12 January 2009


I moderate certain auctions on . One of my own lighthouse lots is but I was impressed when I searched the site and by entering Lighthouse returned 124 hits. These ranged from postcards, through stamps to publications. Amongst the publications :FAMOUS LIGHTHOUSE HISTORY OF THE OLD WESTItem ID: 1258248 caught my attention as it seemed like a good opportunity to obtain an old periodical article focussing on the subject. Lighthouses often appeal to maritime enthusiasts but can also be relevant to civil engineering fans and family history researchers. The item referenced certainly hits these interests. Do you have anything more to offer related to Lighthouses? And if you list on Specialist Auctions remember to use your free second category. A lighthouse collectable might be a postage stamp, it might fit the geneaology category but do make sure it appears somewhere in the Collectables Nauticalia headings.