Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Is Trump going to be the Corbyn of the USA? Differences: Corbyn has become the leader of the Labour party, and the two people are as chalk to cheese, I would hope neither ever lead a nation but I would choose Corbyn over Trump any day. We need quality leadership from the USA, the world has always done well when that has been the case. Obama has done many things for the good, health care being one, he has not been forceful enough on the world stage but that does not mean Mr Trump would be a better option. Then you really would have an insane race war as IS seeks. Did anyone see Simon Sebag Montefiore on Spain last night on BBC4? A beautifully crafted documentary (1 of 3). Not difficult to discover how Islam flourished with all its outstanding skills (Cordoba made London look like a pigsty) by its military skills. So different from a religion which must refer itself back to the life and death of a failed carpenter who is God. That is the offence of Christianity, it is a religion breaking all religion's rules. What Trump utterly fails to understand is that whilst he might, if he tried be able to ask some sensible theological questions, to take the brutish tack he has of labelling and judging by the million is to lower himself into the cesspit all tyrrants of whatever religion do. In Moorish Spain, horrible sexual practice and power gaming at the top was the norm. A concubine (a sex slave) was valuable because they brought no dynastic baggage. They were a nothing who could be made a something for as long as Master wanted. That ethos was wrong a 1,000 years ago condemned by what Jesus knew. It is wrong today for the same reason.