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ROBERT NEILL FORSYTHE - Complete Bibliography


Published full manuscripts        Published magazine articles         Some unpublished full manuscripts

Media Commissions        Other commissions        Key exhibition work        Photographic work


The first printed acknowledgement to R. N. Forsythe was for assistance with Can Bus Replace Train? This was published by the Railway Invigoration Society in 1977.

Published full manuscripts:


Lambley Viaduct - joint with Charles Blackett-Ord. Published by the North Pennines Heritage Trust, Nenthead, 1998. ISBN 09513535 5 1.

Reviewed in Tyne and Tweed No. 53 1998/99, British Railway Modelling January 1999, Industrial Railway Society Bulletin 667 March 1999, Railway Magazine June 1999, Industrial Archaeology Review November 1999.

W. H. Auden: Pennine Poet - joint with Alan Myers, published by the North Pennines Heritage Trust, Nenthead, 1999. ISBN 09513535 78.

Reviewed in the Hexham Courant 25.6.99, Newcastle Journal 8.7.99, North Pennine Heritage Summer 1999, Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 21.8.99, Cumberland News 25.8.99, 8.9.99, Archive Issue 23 September 1999, Newsletter of The Northern Mine Research Society 8.99, The Northumbrian August/September 1999, Durham Town and Country Autumn 1999, Northern Review September 1999, Gay Times October 1999, Industrial Archaeology Review May 2000, Yorkshire Geological Society online review at , The Bonny Moor Hen No. 11, 2000.

To Western Scottish Waters - Published by Tempus Publishing, Stroud, 14th March 2000. ISBN 0 7524 1719 3. Hardback out of print by November 2000. Paperback edition ISBN 0 7524 2104 2 published November 2000. Revised paperback edition published by Amberley Publishing Stroud 8th February 2010 ISBN 9781 84868 505 5.

Reviewed in Model Railway Express-Mag. Heritage Railway May 2000, Shipping Today and Yesterday May 2000, Model Railway Collector June 2000, Archive June 2000, Maritime Journal June 2000, Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society June 2000, British Railway Modelling July 2000, Best of British July 2000 (lead feature), Backtrack July 2000, Paperchase July 2000, Ships Monthly August 2000, Railway Modeller August 2000, Heritage Scotland (NTS) Autumn 2000 Hardback, Spring 2001 Paperback, The Scots Magazine September 2000, Railway Magazine May 2001, Shipping Today and Yesterday January 2011, The Scots Magazine January 2011. Undiscovered Scotland February 2011. Railway & Canal Historical Society Journal March 2011.

A History Of Locomotive Kits Volume One: K's, Nu-cast, Wills, South Eastern Finecast - Published jointly by Amlor Publishing, London, and British Railway Modelling, Bourne, 24th March 2000. ISBN 0 9537720 0 4.

Reviewed in Model Railway Express-Mag, Heritage Railway June 2000, British Railway Modelling July 2000, Diecast Collector September 2000, Train Collector's Society News September 2000, Modelrail December 2000.

Irish Sea Shipping Publicised - Published Tempus Publishing, Stroud, July 2002, Paperback ISBN No. 07524 2355 X.

Reviewed in: Cruising Monthly September 2002, Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society October 2002, British Railway Modelling November 2002, Diecast Collector December 2002, Backtrack December 2002, 

Five Foot Three (Magazine of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland) Winter 2003/2003, Steam Railway January 2003, The Paperchase January 2003, Ships Monthly Book of the Month April 2003, Shipping Today and Yesterday April 2003. Journal of the Transport Ticket Society June 2003.

Cumbrian Railway Photographer - joint by Kate Robinson and Robert Forsythe, published by Oakwood Press, Usk, 19th September 2002, ISBN 0 85361 592 6 concerning the Nash Collection. Price £9.95.

Reviewed on/in Paul Braithwaite's BBC Radio Cumbria morning show 8th October 2002 and Border TV's Look Around programme 17th October 2002; Railnews November 2002; The Cumberland News 1st November 2002; The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 19th November 2002; Steam Railway November 2002; The Railway Observer January 2003; Backtrack February 2003; Friends of the National Railway Museum Newsletter Spring 2003; Railway Magazine July 2003; The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Magazine Spring 2004.

Taken by Trains: The Life and Photography of William Nash 1909-1952 - joint by Kate Robinson and Robert Forsythe, published by Oakwood Press, Usk, 23rd March 2004, ISBN 0 85361 619 1 concerning the Nash Collection. Price £13.95.

Reviewed in The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Magazine Spring 2004; the Permanent Way Institution Journal & Report of Proceedings June 2004;  Modelrail July 2004; The Railway Observer September 2004; Festiniog Railway Magazine Autumn 2004; Stephenson Locomotive Society Journal September/October 2004; Friends of the National Railway Museum Newsletter Autumn 2004; This England Spring 2005.

From Tilbury to Tyneside: Eastern Region Railway Shipping Publicised - Published Tempus Publishing, Stroud, November 2006, Paperback, ISBN 0 7524 3882 4. Price £18.99.

Reviewed in Cruising Monthly February 2007, Hexham Courant 23rd February 2007, Best of British March 2007, Sea Breezes April 2007, Ships Monthly April 2007, National Railway Museum Review Spring 2007, Journal of the Railway & Canal Historical Society November 2007. Journal of The Transport Ticket Society December 2007.


ANY OF MY BOOKS THAT ARE IN PRINT CAN BE ORDERED THROUGH ME. I AM A PAY PAL ACCOUNT HOLDER  so you can pay for your purchases using your credit card and from outside the UK.


In addition to the books that are in print, I can supply electronic MSS of the features that have been published and are listed in the bibliography. The price is £5 a feature, payable by Pay Pal or cheque. This service provides bare text (sometimes updated since publication) but no illustrations. Email your enquiry to .


In Preparation

A History Of Locomotive Kits Volume Two: Jamieson, Gem, ABS and constituents, M&L Premier Kits, Alan Gibson - Publication date not available. Please enquire. In fact by 2011 much of the work commissioned by the Kit Exchange (see below) had either appeared in Volume One or as features in various periodicals as under. Anyone who wants to publish a second volume, can come forward.

British Railway Timetables 1948-1997. 12 chapters and not the same as the synopsis for the BR publicity book. This book is now completed: 70,000 words and 410 scans. Publisher to be .

Published magazine articles:

Periodical publishers should note that I do not work speculatively. All materials will be supplied to commission. A minimum word rate of £100/1000 will be applied. Sometimes there has been confusion about this in the past and I would want potential clients to know that I am not a vanity author and that I work to professionally recognised word rates.


Antique Collecting - February 1997: Railway Ephemera.

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Offprints: Between the Lines: The magazine of the Weardale Railway Society - Spring 1997 Rumblings in Weardale, see Traction.

Some unpublished full manuscripts:

Christ, Pain and Faith - a theological treatise.

The Standard to Go By - models of British Railways standard coaches.

The British Railways Timetable Catalogue - line by line, issue by issue.

Buses of Hawes.

And other material.....


Media Commissions:

25 minute video tutorial for Open University European Students Course A231 (February 1995).

Broadcast contributions and research to Reservoir of Darkness concerning W. H. Auden and the Pennines broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 2nd May 1999.

Dales Diary feature (Peter Mitchell Productions) on W. H. Auden around Keld. Robert Forsythe with Luke Casey broadcast on the 28th June 2001 on Tyne Tees TV and 3rd July 2001 on Yorkshire TV. The filming took place at the Auden names of Keld, Old Gang/Surrender, Punchard and Tan Hill Inn.

Programme originator, researcher and contributor to Auden's Eden broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on the 24th March 2002.

Contributor to BBC TV Newcastle's Inside Out feature on Wright's Brothers 888 Newcastle-Keswick bus service broadcast 4th November 2002.

With Eric Robson in an Out of Town Special about Auden and the Pennines broadcast on ITV Tyne-Tees and Border on 28th March 2004.

Contributor to BBC Radio 3 Auden Six Unexpected Days broadcast on 18th February 2007.

Interviewed for ephemera (well worth a glance) 28th September 2008.

Featured on both ITV Tyne Tees and BBC Look North in the guise of Matthew Plummer Chairman of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway on the 175th anniversary of its opening. 18th June 2013 (same also in Northern Connections Autumn 2013).

Contributor to BBC Radio 4 In Praise of Limestone broadcast on 6th October 2014.

Other Commissions:

West Yorkshire Transport Museum Inaugural Open Day Programme (7.10.84), (with A. J. Scott).

Northumberland County Council: The Three Bridges Walk 1997 Panel/Leaflet Text Research and Origination.

Alan Godfrey Maps, introductions provided for: Scotswood and Derwenthaugh 1895 (1996 edition); Whickham and Swalwell 1895 (1996 edition); Allendale and Hexhamshire 1866 (1998 edition); North Tynedale 1902 (1998 edition); Rothbury Forest 1873 (1999 edition); Alston Moor and Upper Weardale 1903 (2001 edition); Penrith, Inglewood & Hartside 1903 (2002 edition).

The Kit Exchange commissioned texts from 1996 onwards for The British Locomotive Kit Manufacturer Project: Q OO Loco Kits; Gem OO Loco Kits; K's OO Loco Kits; Wills OO Loco Kits; Crownline OO Loco Kits; Jidenco OO Loco Kits; Falcon Brass OO Loco Kits; Nu-cast OO Loco Kits; Pro-scale OO Loco Kits; South Eastern Finecast OO Loco Kits; M&L Premier OO Loco Kits. Alan Gibson OO Loco Kits. ABS (incorporating Bec, ECJM, Anbrico, Centre) OO Loco Kits. Jamieson OO Loco Kits. MTK full range product table. Look above in the bibliography and between the "kits" book and features in Model Rail and Train Collector much of this had been published by 2011.

John Ramsay for the British Model Trains Catalogue, a series of commissioned texts for the second edition published in 2000 and third edition of 2002, listed as produced during 1998-1999: Lima HO British Outline Models. Minitrix N British Outline Models. Bassett-Lowke O Gauge.

For Chester-le-Track, Chester-le-Street Station: A Short History (Jan 1999).

For Motorail Ltd: New beginning for Motorail sees cars getting back on track (Jan 1999).

For Go-Ahead Group: Successful evolution: A brief history of "Northern" (May 1999).

For Institute of Railway Studies, York: Is collecting British Railways publicity ephemera an archaeological task? delivery date 13th December 2000. This paper was reprinted in the Australian Association of Timetable Collectors journal The Times June 2004.  Expressions of the Timetable delivered 14th February 2007. 

For Kate Robinson: Cataloguing of the William Nash 1920s Railway Photo Collection. Enquiries regarding its use may be directed through us. c300 quality prints unpublished prior to 2001 of trains in pre and post grouping liveries throughout the British Isles from Jersey to Kyle of Lochalsh.

For Writing on the Wall, material developed from our Auden interests. This includes the first publication in print form of any of our creative writing in the 2006 hardback book "Writing on the Wall" ISBN 0-9553137-0-08.

For Greg Norden Railway Publications: Carriage Print research work (from 2006).

For Know your North Pennines, the Pennine Auden (Feb 2006), North Pennine Railways (Oct 2007 & April 2010).

For International Institute of Information Design IIID Expert Forum Vienna: Messages From the Western European Fringes: An island, a city, a shopping mall. Paper presented 4th September 2008. Also follow up paper: Vienna a sugar icing confection?

For Strutt/Wright A History of White Metal Transport Modelling (2011), textual content on model railways and illustrations. Also History of Resin Transport Modelling (2013).

For Wikipedia and Tyne & Wear Museums & Archives, I was commissioned as Wikimedian in Residence March to June 2013. Full articles uploaded will be listed: MV Murree, Foyboat, Jimmy Forsyth (photographer), John Bowes (Steamship) Charles de Lacy and The Late Shows. At the same time using my private ID I worked on The Forsythe Collection and Keith Armstrong Author and Poet. The shortcut summaries to all my Wikipedia contributions are via User identities Robertforsythe and TWAMWIR. From Summer 2013 I have been assisting NEIMME with its Wikimedia project.

Key exhibition work (not comprehensive):

West Yorkshire Transport Museum exhibition bus 1985.

Scottish Maritime Museum Boatshop and Denny Tank Exhibitions 1988.

Robertson Museum (marine biology) Millport refurbishment 1990.

Hexham Town Trail for Tynedale Council 1991.

Historic Corbridge exhibition for Tourist Information Centre 1991.

Wylam Railway Bridge trail and exhibition for Northumberland County Council 1997.

Auden's Pennine Landscapes for North Pennines Heritage Trust, Nenthead Mines, Summer 1999. Also showed at Penrith Museum Winter 1999/2000, Nenthead Mines 21st April- 31st October 2000, The Discovery Centre, Bishop Auckland 1st-24th February 2001. Nenthead Mines 23rd March to 31st October 2002 and 19th July to 2nd November 2003.

Steam Upon Different Lines (the William Nash Collection) showed  from 2002. At Penrith Museum 5th October to 30th November 2002; Forum 28 Barrow in Furness 6th December 2002 to 30th January 2003. As Heavyweight at the Brewery Art Centre, Kendal from 4th March to the 6th May 2003; Nenthead Mines 1st August to the 27th August and October 2003; Grimsby Central Library 30th August to 27th September 2003; Winships Gallery, Ovington, Northumberland throughout February 2004, The Beacon at Whitehaven April 27th to June 22nd 2004, Derby Industrial Museum September 26th 2004 to New Year 2005, Lancaster Maritime Museum May 28th to July 10th  2005, Kidderminster Railway Museum Sat 27th August to Sunday 2nd October 2005. Darlington Railway Centre and Museum 21st Oct 2005 to 28th Jan 2006, Queen's Hall Arts Hexham Sat 11th Feb - Sat 18th March 2006.

Photographic Work

Published magazine covers: Railway Magazine February 1986. Buses Extra April-May 1987.

Material from our 250,000 strong image/archive collection has also appeared inside:

Railway Magazine November 1986. Buses Extra April-May 1987. Wooden Boat September 1989. Railway World February 1990. Scottish Maritime Museum promotional leaflet. Scottish Maritime Museum 'Boatshop' exhibition in 1988. Border History Museum promotional leaflet. Go Ahead Northern Coastline Route Map 1992. Paperchase (regularly from 1992). Whitley Bay and Tynemouth 1993 A4 colour guide. Canal and Riverboat September 1993. Model Railway Enthusiast (regularly from November 1993, incl. covers). Backtrack May-June 1994/June 1995/August 1996/September 1996/April 1997/May 1997/January 1998/February 1998. British Railway Modelling April 1994/March 1995/August 1995/September 1997/December 1997. Steam World January 1995/August 1995. International Railway Modelling Spring 1996. Traction June 1996/September 1996/November 1997/March 1998/ regularly from August 1998. Antique Collecting February 1997. Rail Issue 304. Diecast Collector regularly from November 1997. Model Rail regularly from August 1999. W. H. Auden: Pennine Poet book and Auden's Pennine Landscapes exhibition, both for the North Pennines Heritage Trust 1999. Snow Flood and Tempest (Ian Allan 2001). Granada Television The Forsyte Saga 2002. Hexham Courant second section front cover spread, four pictures 18th October 2002. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in History and Legend (John Donald 2004). Railway Magazine periodically from July 2004 (a notable use was in The Named Trains souvenir issue November 2011). Iron Road The Railway in Scotland (Birlinn 2007). In & Around Chester le Street Issue 58 January 2010. Buses February 2010. Tyne Valley Line Rail Users Group website. Hornby The official 2011 Handbook. A History of White Metal Transport Modelling (2011). Tyne Valley Line Rail Users Group 2012 leaflet. 18 in The Encyclopedia of Titled Trains (2012). Buses April 2013. United Enthusiasts Club journal 284 July 2013.

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