Saturday, 10 June 2017

Hung Parliament

Our nation is one of the greatest nations in the World and most certainly in Europe. Viewed from the perspective of our friends and neighbours in the near Continent, this great nation seems engaged in collective long term stupidity. We want to sever relationships with our friends. At the end of the day, despite leading a very successful campaign, Labour is still a long way from government. The Tory leader (who I never felt very comfortable over) ran a terrible campaign (the visit to Eshott airfield really started to raise my eyebrows). But at the end of the day she had increased the Tory share of the vote but lost her majority. The Tories both in Parliament and the Nation remain CLEARLY the most powerful force and eclipse the Left. Yet the overwhelming power they sought eludes. Possibly because in a democracy we don't want anyone to have overwhelming power? The person who rescued the Tories was a lesbian about to marry Scot. Ruth Davidson is incredible and if you want the appealing politics of inclusivity, Mrs May should take much more advice from her than the party of the Paisleys. Do not be mistaken, the DUP are not and have never been the Ulster Conservatives. No way and never. I am not surprised Arleen Foster is relishing the idea of her politic being at the centre of British life for five years. No matter the British government is neutral with Ulster politicians to ensure the (currently broken down because of Foster) power sharing. So I think an alliance with the DUP is easily as nutty as the Referendum of 2016. We are simply as a nation not being "real". We are still pretty much unwilling to see the Referendum for what it was. We are unwilling to face down the UKIP mindset. Instead Mrs May has done her best to embrace it. I have no idea whether the proposed arrangement will last five years or a weekend. I am sure however that once Brexit negotiations start and we are forced to face the reality of saying we wish to leave the EU faced with the united 27 nations, several more wheels will depart ftom the crazed vehicle that has been British poliitics since 2014.