Monday, 5 May 2014

Scottish referendum: the gamechanger?

I am fervently committed to the Union. So far evidence suggests it will be a yes vote to the Union (ironically branded as a No vote!) but perhaps rather close.
A close vote will hardly solve the matter.
Is there a gamechanger? An announcement from the Government which might really change the way many people think.
I think the situation needs a gamechanger.
Here is mine: an admission that there are challenges with the Union, challenges at least in part driven by the Greater London/Londoncentricity/ Westminstercentricity of the present. When Glasgow was the workshop of empire, when the North East was King Coal and the NW the cottonopolis of the world, these things were more balanced.
So what is the gamechanger? An expression that if Scotland votes for the Union, the Union members will work towards a new Union capital in Liverpool? At the centre of the Union and leave Westminster as an English parliament.
I know most folk will laugh at this, at least at first sight, but if the British government really want to demonstrate their committment to the future of the Union what else is on the cards as a gamechanger?

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