Saturday, 24 May 2014

Election 2014

I did vote - but not for UKIP yesterday. The idea of voting for an ex Punk Comedian with some rather dodgy followers was beyond me. But they have a point and evidently a lot of the electorate think so. The deepest judgement being passed yesterday was on London and the Westminster world. No surprise that UKIP did not dent London itself. The disconnect in Sunderland and Rotherham to the seat of government is HUGE. I do feel utterly let down by 30 years of Thatcher and post Thatcher Westminster. And don't worry about little ole me, the greatest judgement on this situation and the end of Great Britain is scheduled for 18th September this year. Quiet eyrie really. We can schedule our own demise. I hope it will be different and that I will be wrong. But I am no longer optimistic about that and I foresee decades of wrangling, division and discontent in these islands.

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