Sunday, 16 December 2012

Chrildren killed in Newtown

The beginning and end of a Facebook discussion. My comments

If you wish to be known as a civilised nation YOU WILL maintain strict gun control laws. That is my British view.
 As has been noted mine is a British perspective. Somewhere above is the statement " to protect the citizenry from an oppressive government.". It would appear that to protect American citizens from the danger of Messrs Reagan, Bush, and Obama it is worth the death of a lot of littles ones. Are those names so much worse than Thatcher, Blair and Cameron. I might disagree with all three but I would rather have the British version of gun control (with the tragedies we have had as well) than the American version. That is my heart felt take and I will prophesy two things 1) most folk in Britain will agree and 2) at the present rate there will come a point where our American cousins "get it". You cannot lead the free world and allow this to continue. It does not wash.
and a new tack on the theme

For freedom to work, willing sacrifices have to be made. On this planet true freedom cannot be a free for all. However such sacrifices should never include innocent children!


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