Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Christmas Day Review

A Christmas day review: The Queen saying in five minutes all you need to know about Christmas. Her Christianity is no threat to another's religion save in the revelation that Christ's God is not about power but service. The Archbishop of Canterbury had suitable humility, expressed over the women's bishops vote. The Pope praying in detail on a global scale for Peace. Amen to that. The Archbishop of Westminster OUCH. Let's hit below the belt when our paunches are full of stuffing. When will those Catholics who Amen him (not all do) GET IT? We're beyond Gay bashing or we should be. And where are my particular Christmas prayers? For a family tragically killed on the M6 earlier today and for all emergency and service workers who have to work today but especially for the many railwaymen struggling over the holiday to get it all back to work. We remember you.

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