Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Chief Whip Resigns

I was sorry to hear that Chief Whip has resigned. This is something that was blown out of all proportion presumably because vested interests mercilessly refused to let go. The man said something he should not have done, what really does not interest me. He offered an apology. The police service feel they deserve respect. They do, so do Government ministers and if is the police service who have pressed this beyond what I call reasonable, then the ones who are not showing respect in my book are the police. What must have been one of the most easily recognisable of ministers was cycling, that most down to earth of activities yet he loses his job for the "plebian" word. It is crackers. Has no-one heard of letting things go. It is also exactly why people like me, very conscious of not wanting to be on a pedestal do not seek public office.

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