Friday, 12 October 2012

NEXUS forgets the train

Another instalment in the Quality Bus Contract debate. I am very disillusioned with Nexus. 1) there is the threat of higher fares. 2) Nexus' own knowledge of public transport is lamentable "Tobyn Hughes, Nexus director of customer services, said: “A Quality Contracts Scheme would give local people a straightforward and simple system of fares across bus, Metro and ferry, benefiting everyone who uses public transport". EVERYONE, does no-one use Network Rail trains in Tyne & Wear? The ones Nexus cannot be bothered to organise a debate on their imminent future with a new franchise due. This is not leadership.  The photo shows one of the services Nexus does not want to acknowledge. On the Newcastle Carlisle line between Newcastle and Wylam there are five stations including Wylam. The Nexus boundary runs under the platform this train has called at yet Nexus refuse to bring it into their fare structure. What is this organisation about?

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