Saturday, 30 June 2012

Take Pride in Prudhoe 2012

Joined by a few others and in the light of the decision of 20th June 2012 that the new Prudhoe Town centre would go ahead, I have set up a Facebook page Take Pride in Prudhoe 2012. This builds on a previous Facebook page I participated in called Take Pride in Prudhoe but which was hijacked by a Turkish gentleman and which it has proved impossible to return to local admin. The flavour of the page is to celebrate the whole of Prudhoe, to offer a safe debating space for all polite viewpoints, and to be ready to ask difficult questions of the new development but also to document its progress as it changes the face of Prudhoe.

Here is a post from today to give you a flavour of things:
I am looking at the Hexham Courant 29th June at a story from the week before this week's storm. Page 5 reports on a downpour resulting in another sewage spill in the Castlefield woods. What baffles me is that along with many others last November I attended a public meeting where the new West Area Highways Engineer stood up and said Prudhoe needs a detailed drainage study, it would takes three years and there should be no major development meantime. This was stood on its head on the 20th June 2012. What are the options? Is the story wrong? Did I mishear with many others the man at the meeting? It then leads into another debate which a neighbour took me aside over today. Why are these decisions taken at meetings in Hexham? Would Hexham stand for the planning meeting about their new shopping developments taking place in Prudhoe? This gentleman told me how he felt utterly unrepresented in this decision taking. To Take Pride in Prudhoe the population must feel that someone takes notice of them. Take Pride in Prudhoe could translate into Take Notice of Prudhoe.
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Take Pride in Prudhoe (2012)
I anticipate that someone in favour of the development will say as the report says, the new surge tank will solve the problem. Firstly I think I am right in saying that such features built on Castlefields itself have had their own problems. Secondly the heat of my criticism would be removed by the county putting up the Highway's Engineer who spoke last November and having him say "that in his professional judgement against which he would stake his reputation that the present plan for the new development will either improve Prudhoe's drainage or not change it in any regard". If the man is happy to put that on record the strength of anyone's concern about drainage and the development is reduced.

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