Wednesday, 13 June 2012

 An invitation to view . The image is of Britannia crossing the Old West River in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Back in 2007 I signed up with Cafe Press. Since when very little has been done with it. As ever family, ebay, other contracts, the list is endless have intervened. However our vast archives of images embracing our own photography and out of copyright advertising ephemera and postcards is crying out to be deployed. More effort then is being made with Cafe Press. More images and products have been added.  Over on our Facebook selling pages Robertatforysthe a Cafe Press album has been created. The beauty of Cafe Press is flexibility. I can allocate any image to any chosen product. You could look at our main Facebook albums and then request an image against a product and the indicated price and we could set that up. Do offer feedback on this shop. We may develop some specialist ones. Perhaps a Lighthouse one? I look forward to hearing about shower curtains and aprons being enjoyed featuring our imagery. As well as the more usual tile coaster or poster.

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