Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ushaw College

I am not a Roman Catholic, I am a Christian ( liberal Anglican). I have many RC friends and three decades ago was a Durham theology student. I have had a career in information and heritage including saving some very large buildings. The problem of Ushaw cannot be readily swept away. Far better to say: forward to new opportunities. How wonderful it would be to create a new hilltop Christian village from what is present. Make the farm into luxury dwellings respecting the architecture. Create a retirement complex offering security and a community. Retain a small seminary and Christian community running the church and the library. Create a undergraduate hall of residence for Durham University. Continue a successful conference operation. Go to the Handelsbank for a funding partner. Get out there and work with a broad cross section of people of good will to see that God has a future for Ushaw College as He was its Director in its past.

This blog explains more and there is a petition here

Possibly some good news at last here.

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