Friday, 3 December 2010

Don't believe Radio Newcastle about Metrocentre trains

For several days now, BBC Radio Newcastle have been broadcasting no trains Newcastle Metrocentre. This has been totally wrong and just now I rung "Call the radio news desk: 0191 244 1459" to try to convince them of what is actually happening.

The girl there was so unhelpful it was incredible and clearly has no knowledge of where the trains go. All she would do is parrot that the train company say this.

The problem is that if you say as they have, there are no trains between Newcastle and Metrocentre the users of the line assume this means a blockage for the Carlisle Hexham Newcastle trains because Metrocentre is between Newcastle and Hexham. The girl bluntly told me that the line was so blocked and that I was wasting her time and hung up.

I have checked here and know this is wrong

I can tell you there are plenty of trains between Newcastle and Metrocentre this morning. Every train that does not stop terminate at Metrocentre is running.

When Northern tell you Newcastle Metrocentre is not running what it means is that the short Newcastle Metrocentre ONLY trains are not running. They have cancelled a number of trains which use a crossover at Metrocentre to turn round because of the danger of the crossover freezing. That is all that is happening.

If this effects you complain to Radio Newcastle to check it by looking at
That is all they have to do and then see how misleading the broadcast is. They simply HAVE to say Newcastle Metrocentre ONLY trains are cancelled. Metrocentre shops will not be pleased if the BBC broadcasts that they have no train service.


Jason Bain said...

I can confirm the service was working ok first thing this morning. I caught the sightly delayed 0631 off Prudhoe and arrived into Newcastle at 0703.

robertatforsythe said...

I am sure it was but thanks for confirming. I checked what I said at Facebook and the issue clicking in my brain when I put this onto my Facebook:

Robert Forsythe When Radio Newcastle say no service Newcastle Metrocentre I think they mean to say the short workings off not no trains at all. Does anyone know? Trains are calling at Prudhoe.
Wednesday at 17:36

robertatforsythe said...

I have heard from the BBC today. They acknowledge a mistake was made and hope that it will expressed more clearly in future. I think those services could be down for some while. Points were icing up all round Central when I was there mid afternoon.