Thursday, 16 April 2009

Railway Postcards and Photographs

Listings in the railwayana and public transport sections of keep expanding and in the last little while a new vendor devabob has helped fill the
Collectables > Railwayana > Postcards category at . When I looked there were 810 listings. Other vendors include myself robertatforsythe, cargo365 and interestingtreasures .
Because you can list in two categories for nothing, items can also be found in
Collectables > Postcards > Railway.
Individual examples that I think are bit special include
the Glasgow Subway
Douglas Station Isle of Man in 1969
one of a number of Czech railway postcards
an example of a number of American cards.
If you like railway postcards, you are sure to find something and by the way if maritime imagery is your thing there's a large number of tug photos on the site as well like here's one of mine
which is the entry illustration of this post.

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