Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tynemouth Market 20th February 2016

Every now and again we get to Tynemouth market. Just over 20 miles away, today the excuse was the need to deliver and pick up daughter Clare for Young Archaeologists Club at the University. Normally I slip in and out of the market with under a tenner spent. Today it went a bit different. The heady total was £88.76 which we will break down. Models were all brand new state.

En route we confirmed that Rolling Stock in North Shields has new owners (several years ago) and is very much open. Full on shop premise model railway shops are often said to be a dying breed but the North East has several.

Bachmann 38-678 BR Loco. Dept. Black shunting truck                                                      £12.99
Hornby R6639 Blue Spot fish yan SPV livery (a Mark One coach model)                             £10.99
Corgi OM41401 Tees-side Rail Traction Board trolleybys                                                     £13.99

At the market
Matchbox MOY Y10 LT 1934 AEC Trolleybus                                                                    £6
Matchbox MOY Y8 1917 Yorkshire Steam wagon William Pritchard                                     £2.50

2 Camilleri Montalbano novels Excursion to Tindari The Voice of the Violin                              £3
The Towpath Erie Canal 1945 hardback Merrill                                                                     £1
Haltwhistle and Beyond Parker TUPS                                                                                     £5
Railways on the Screen  Huntley   Ian Allan                                                                              £4
Traction Engines Past & Present D&C 1974                                                                                  £1
7 diecast model catalogues                                                                                                      £7
Edocar 1988 Corgi 1977 1984 1985  Matchbox 1986 Solido 1991

1 savoury carrot and sweetcorn scone                               £1.20
2 cheese scones                                                         £1
1 rye loaf                                                           £1.80
2 filled muffins                                                  £2.40
2 x tea                                                                     £2.40
1 Malteaser traybake                                            £1.50
5 x O'Donnell of Tipperary crisp packets                                                £1
1 tub crabmeat                                                                            £1.80
1 almond milk load                                                                         £2
1 tub cashew nut butter (from Swarland)                                       £4
2 Pork & Apple burgers Moorhouse Farm Stannington                             £1.67

Shiny Sink 6 tablets                                                                        £0.50

                                                                                                                  Total                         £88.76
And four free re-usable plastic bin bags.

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