Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My views on Demon Internet

 What I think of @Namesco @VodafoneUK and Demon Internet whose Twitter feed is defunct I think.

"Since Demon has ejected its customers, I have been caused no end of problems. What are YOU going to do to ensure that my webpage eg is SHUT? I cannot edit it, I don't want anything to do with Demon or Namesco after all the trouble you have caused. And I cannot even get a website showing wholly erroneous information deleted. I have made a lot of phone and email requests to Namesco, told it would be taken down, and it is live. Photos of my child are on the internet without my permission. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER and is causing a lot of distress. You must know how in the UK to show children on the internet without permission is a very serious issue. I insist something is done about this very soon and that I receive a full apology. A customer of Demon since 1996 I cannot comprehend the incredibly bad service we have been given in 2015". 

Robert Forsythe

NOTHING ELSE HAD WORKED: Within a few hours of this and some tweeting, I got an apology from Namesco and the site was finally removed 40 days after I had lost control of it.

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