Sunday, 7 June 2015

Silly Wizard

Silly Wizzard, wonderful name. Evocative singers. My link here works on three levels. Their music, the imagery it has been matched too. And the words added which are balanced and matter of fact making the point that Charlie destroyed the traditional Highland way of life. I find it ironic that in both 1745 and 1916, elements in the Kingdom chose moments when the Nation was somewhat engaged elsewhere to stage uprising. Neither achieved their end but visited much suffering onto their regions. All of which moves one to the British constitution which has been and will continue to be in the news. I think I am right to say it is unwritten, there is no British constitution? Britishness is hard to define. Perhaps that is for the best. Law and tradition should be respected but neither should be fixed. Make it up as you go along. That is what our nation does. The Divine Right of Kings was a stupid claim. Britishness is practised not proclaimed. I can never get over how for all the calls to deny our national identity, so many others want a British passport and are risking life and limb to get it. Britishness is not restricted to these islands, it is the stuff of the Commonwealth. It is about good governance, trade, individuals freedoms, fair mindedness and charity. It is founded in the Christian faith no matter how inconvenient that may seem.

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