Thursday, 3 April 2014

A new county hall in Ashington

 Worth bringing this over from my Facebook to memorialise it:
Robert Forsythe shared a link.
Ah well, nothing like moving county hall to Ashington. . Now Plashetts would have had a frisson.
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  • Robert Forsythe Journal take . We were told unitary council was about saving money and yet there has been little evidence of the success of that since the districts were abolished. Northumberland would be best governed with three unitary councils and then the North and the West would not be bled by the South East.
    Northumberland County Council has announced plans for a new base in Ashington
  • Robert Forsythe Sir John Hall commenting about the Ashington move "“The only way the town centre is going to be regenerated is by this bold move by the county council.” Heard all that before about Prudhoe "Robert, this shopping centre project MUST go ahead or the town will die". Dramatic words from people who do not have a Plan B. Prudhoe has shown it was not that desperate (although a new town centre so long as it was QUALITY would be nice). Is Ashington so dependent on one thought that having got rid of coal it HAS to have local government bureaucracy? It is all old fashioned thought, we must have our pet dreams and put all our eggs in one basket.

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