Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dr Who

I know a Roman Catholic priest whose PhD was on the religious nature of the Apple computer brand.  Surely even more powerful and popular for the Brits is Dr Who? One man in multiple bodies. One God in three persons. A supreme being who takes human form and can suffer but who is largely concerned with helping despite a few temper tantrums and doubts. Does he have sex or not? He does form close relationships with special friends (his disciples). And above all there is mystery in Dr Who! Doctor who helps (is'nt that the Christ thing, he healed and helped?).

This could simply mean that the Christ story, Dr Who and many other such phenomena are literally myths relating to the deep human needs for help and answers to our condition. And if you're too big to recognise your need for help ponder on why Dr Who is so appealing.

Or it might mean that our God is so supremely awesome that not only did he create and sustain the universe but having finally got thoroughly browned off with the performance of those who claim his name facing the modern world, that he did the only sensible thing, rebrand himself as Dr Who and then over the next fifty years evolve a highly morally nuanced piece of television for his gospel.

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