Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Underbearing faith. (by Robert Forsythe)

Fear Christianity and all religions
for giving you an importance
the facts do not warrant.

Facts are double faced.

The facts tell us to be humble.
They are not self-indulgent but do not deny pleasure.
For our lives might be all there is.

Yet the facts mean faith has to be faith.
So faith must be humble and not the overbearing religion
it became when faith was fact.

Have I just sold out on Historical Revelation
and the Resurrection in history?

No. They could never be proved as 1+1=2.

In Christian religion 1+1=1 and 1=3.

Faith relies upon believing that it happened,
Not proving that it happened.

Belief is a greater statement than proof.

But facts sell down the river
the authority manipulated by Church and Bible.

Religious importance was factual,
so absolute and became tyrranical.

Loving importance is resting our finitude
in the one who is infinite.

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