Saturday, 5 January 2013

A New Year and the Church returns to that important matter of gay Bishops

From my facebook today:

Any good reasons why I should disagree with this one?
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  • Robert Forsythe ex Twitter @RobertNForsythe @Chaplain_Tony @thechurchmouse @His_Grace We should all feel bound by Leviticus - otherwise what is faith in Christ about? I answered Nuts?
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  • Robert Forsythe Shall I translate? This is about sanity. A sane religion. What Rickard Hooker might have labelled Sweet Reasonableness. Cranmer is right, get your priorities right. I blogged about the Queen's five minute Xmas message. No mention of Leviticus, Paul or homosexuality. She said everything you needed to know about Christ and faith. She is after all Defender of the Faith. I reckon true Christianity is not a religion of the book, it is a religion of the Spirit. That is what according to the Bible Christ promised. People are sexual. That is creation. Therefore I ascribe it to God. Lying, bullying, non-consensual violence (sex is rough and wild), these are the real evils and not whether two men in a relationship which, God allows, gets the churches blessing enjoy oral sex, rubbersex on whatever. That is their affair. Called a private life. It is great the church is going to have gay bishops but asking them to be a celibate does seem foolish. As ever, as in so much of the 21st century, the broad debate is about modernisers v conservative, progressives v liberals. Yet if you follow me in detail you will realise I don't think it is about one side winning. It is about all people realising how they have to live with diverse views and still find a universal grace. The Queen knows that. After all she has much experience.

    BTW There is a simple test for where you stand on this: is the Genesis account of creation history or a myth (along with its blame of women)? I absolutely definitely and totally plump for myth. For history I shall trust science, geology and evolution. To me that is sanity. Once you do that then your stand elsewhere will slot into place.

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