Friday, 23 December 2011

The Courant explains why the Prudhoe Town Centre determination was cancelled

Just over two months after the Prudhoe Town Centre application was pulled the Courant front page and editorial today discuss what they believe brought things to a halt. Detailed and renewed objections from the Co-Op. Not the drains and sewers (Clochemerle) which have also taken our time this autumn. Courant phraseology embraces "failed process" and "beggars belief" and firmly finger wags at both the County Council and the Northumberland Estates. Like many others I am sure, I have no idea how this will end but I do know Prudhoe deserved the preparation of a really excellent scheme from its landlord.
Meantime I continue my crusade for an independent butchers in Prudhoe. I am perfectly willing to support the new development if it answers the needs and concerns of those who live here. So an update from last Wednesday. Letter from Northumberland Estates to RNF arrived today with regard to a butcher in Prudhoe's new town centre. "We would have no problem with an independent butcher in the Prudhoe scheme should one come forward". There remains the issue of the planning zone which says Non Food Retail but to me this is a major clarification. What is needed now is to find an interested butcher?

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