Friday, 1 July 2011

Prudhoe's town centre, the community partnership and the Courant

For week after week, Tynedale's local paper the Hexham Courant has carried on an ongoing debate about these matters. I have kept out of it. The problem is that it reads more like a slanging match than a debate and it is a truly sad position for a town of 12,000+ to have reached. The Courant is out again today and the argument is continued. Last week's shock news was that the Prudhoe Community Partnership's website had been taken down after person(s) unknown had hacked it adversely.

One thing I can be sure about. That event was completely uncalled for and does no-one in a small town any good whatsoever. Over recent weeks as I wander about I have quietly and at an anecdotal level sought out views. One way to put it is to look up above where I live and ask the question, how would I feel if a multi storey car park was appearing above my house? This is the prospect for residents of the Castlefield estate. I cannot avoid saying I would not be very happy.

Search my blog and several entries about the development have been made. I have tried to be positive about it. I can see ways in which the area concerned can be redeveloped to the great credit of Prudhoe and in a manner which will really draw people here. I also will go on record as applauding the work which the Prudhoe Community Partnership has done. It has played a vital role in the Prudhoe Transport Interchange and in the Cockshott Dene renewal. It is now going forward with an exciting multi purpose build on the library site.

Many good things have happened in Prudhoe and many more could in the future. But I caution all involved in the future of the town, stay cool, listen to what your opponent is saying, seek to find the common ground and work on it. Everyone has to live together here and with the consequences of whatever may be built and do not get involved in cyber war!

For more information click. A view completely independent of my own but very pertinent to the matter is expressed here.

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