Thursday, 21 October 2010

Westward Bound opens a new shop

Friends who know both of us well or study the bookshelves know that all sorts of facets of life interest. One of my heroes was the Reverend Teddy Boston. He was a saint for sure (miracles and all). A noted railway enthusiast, very fond of eating and with a significant collection of horror films. Horror has never been our dish but in my family background there is no little connection to the Bohemian past in British society. In this context we have followed the comings and goings of a Plymouth fashion house (which sadly we have never visited) called Westward Bound over many years. Just recently a new and sumptuous showroom has opened. Their write up is a corker worth quoting. Note especially the use of religious guilt:
"The major influence in the creation of our showroom being the
sumptuous style of Parisian and Milanese fashion houses of the
1950's; these stimuli have been fused with facets of Vivienne
Westwood, Louis XVI and religious guilt to create a unique and
sumptuous space".  (The outlet closed around 2013 but the business continues as a leading house of latex couture).

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