Thursday, 14 May 2009

Collecting leaflets is much more fun than downloading websites

I am just back from the RPSI railtour around Ireland. What a wonderful success. Full marks to all involved from the society and railway administrations. For me, it was the second tour in a row. Before that in 1986 and 1995 I was over to chase it from the car. 1986 was Westport and number 4 so it was really lovely to be there again in 2009 with the same engine. She can really make steam and her shrill whistle in the Irish landscape was a joy. We could upload hundreds of train bus and tram pictures but for us the one that does it was taken Saturday night by my friend Alex Nelson of Chester Le Track when the two of us had walked the old railway to Westport Quay and found ourselves staring at the pilgrim mountain Croagh Patrick. One day maybe I will get up it and give thanks. And the title? It's a nice little aphorism and explains so much about what we do and going to Ireland to collect transport leaflets absolutely fits the bill. I came back well laden.

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