Saturday, 7 March 2009

Model Memorabilia

Over on Yahoo a new group has appeared. It is called the
Toy Train Paper and Memorabilia Group . Setting up this group is a good idea. Model memorabilia has long been an interest of mine. And although most of the Forsythe Collection of Transport and Travel Publicity has been purchased by the National Railway Museum in York UK, the model memorabilia was excluded. We must have about 25 shelf feet of this material and a lot of duplicates.

Some of you may recognise my name from Model Rail and other British magazines. I write a great deal about model history. My last Model Rail feature reviewed 1959 and used a deal of memorabilia. For those who wish to find out more about what we do, our own extensive website is and there is a also a blog at:
Look at that and the scope of what we sent to York can be seen.With the spare items I use Specialist Auctions to find new homes. This is a search on LGB . But searches on Marklin, Lledo, Trix, Peco will get results as well. An older piece available is from the Model Railway Club and from these leads, a lot more material can be found.

Other folk do list on Specialist Auctions like Jimanato who has many old modelling magazines available. We both show a good number of feedbacks which should give buyers confidence. Interesting Treasures is another vendor with this material and there are a further number who list actual models. bwarcher is one of those and he lists catalogues amongst his items. They also show up with his other identity as tetedevapeur.

Anyone wishing to sell this sort of memorabilia will find a category readily available: or Category: Toys & Models > Railways & Trains > Literature & Catalogues . Listing on Specialist Auctions is very advantageous to the vendor as a check on the terms and conditions will show.

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