Friday, 6 February 2009

The Forsythe Collection has moved to York

This is a major moment worth bringing to folk's attention. The majority of the Forsythe Collection of Transport and Travel Ephemera has been purchased by the National Railway Museum at York. It will be accessible to the public through their Search Engine facility. The picture accompanying is NRM copyright and shows about half of the collection in its new home. A brief introduction to what you will find in the collection which is upwards of 125,000 pieces is available.


Tonykaku said...

dear Mr. Forsythe,
just a quick hello from sunny southern california
before a little walk to the beach.
i came upon your blog by chance if there is such a thing and have enjoyed reading about your life and interests. it was the keyword "SUMA" which brought me to your blog but we do not share the same SUMA.
my "Suma" is a suburb of Kobe, Japan. perhaps since i do get there by train and bus, we do have a connection. i do like taking trains but don't know that much about them or their history. perhaps the next time i visit New York, i will look up the Forsythe Collection. oh, that's your York not our New York.
one of the reasons that inspired me to write was your mention of Thomas Merton in the favorite books section but what really did it was the "not the bible" as one of your favorites. that made me smile. and i was intrigued to read more about you.
i am pro- "not the bible" also but i would have never have thought to list it as a favorite. i recently watched a documentary on Thomas Merton and have been interested in reading more of his writings.
anyways, i will read more about your knowledge of trains and transportation when i return from the beach.
ps. i have taken trains in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, Peru, Italy, Tanzania and...Disneyland

robertatforsythe said...

Good that a fellow traveller has dropped by. Suma in our case is a British wholefood company, we purchase many of their items like peanut buffer through a local green outlet. Thanks for the comment.

Mrs Rainbow said...

Congratulations Robert on having part of your collection shared for posterity! EXCELLENT!